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Don Yarber Don Yarber
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For Old Jerry

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soul mates

Jerry was killed in an automobile accident 9 days before Christmas in 1995.  This one's for you, little brother.

For Old Jerry:

Old Jerry was a fine man, on that we all agree
But being my little brother, he was more than that to me.
He was a friend, a gentleman, who took no ire to teasing,
Always laughing, always joking, he made life more pleasing.

Like that time at deer camp when he hit Joe with a pie
We still laugh when we watch that video, Brother Joe and I.
And when the steaks are on the grill at deer camp every year
Someone will mention Jerry’s name and I turn to hide a tear.

Ol’ Seven Shot they called him and it always made him grin..
He didn’t seem to care a bit when we made fun of him.
He always had a new joke that he had saved all year through
And he couldn’t wait to tell it so he’d get a laugh or two.

Time will pass, some will forget, and those that never knew him
May not understand the accolades that others know are due him.
For Jerry had no enemies and a stranger he never met
Easy to know, easy to like, he was as kind as man can get.

The shots will ring out through the woods, the deer will fall like rain
Jerry would want the thrill of the kill to drown out any pain.
He was a friend, he was a hunter, there’ll never be another
And every day I’m thankful that I had him for my brother.

By Don Yarber for his Brother, Jerry.

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