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Seekers of voices in the dark. I like this line!!!

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Paul Day Paul Day
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What Are We

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soul mates

I want to apologise for leaving so abruptly (again). I was having such a bad time and I acted rashly. I came back for those who sent me messages of support. You are truly my friends. This poem demonstrates how I was feeling at the time I left. I hope you find meaning in it.

What Are We?

What are we
but a shadow and a thought?
Soulless creatures,
wandering the black of night.
Seekers of voices in the dark;
an echo of something we once remembered.
Listening intently for the familiar sound
of our own heartbeat.
Searching for the source of it,
as if it was the only sound,
the only noise,
in the Universe.
Blackness takes it,
robbing us of our own destiny,
destroying what little hope remains,
as we scrape like blind men
on the bare earth,
with claws instead of nails.
Wildly tearing and ripping
at the unforgiving soil,
our fingers bleeding,
for the desperation in our hands,
until we strike rock
and howl in anger,
because we did not find
what we came here searching for.
And so we die there
on the ground,
having never realised
that what we sought,
was there all along.
But we are blind, deaf and mute.
The only sense we have left is fear
and even that has faded.
On that final day,
the cold winter wind takes us
and lays waste to our soul,
until the last of the dust
that was our body,
the last beat of the heart,
that was our life,
Is carried away with our memory,
to be forgotten by all
but the very stars of Heaven. 1 comment

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