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"with motivation gone, my mind is quite tidal" That is good!

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Twenty-Twelve – 4

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soul mates

This was the 4th  instalment of my Twenty-Twelve series.  Unfortunately, I have taken the other 3 off this site.

Six months have passed of Twenty-Twelve
The year I tried to break from hell
For those chores were still there to be done
I knew from first they would not be fun.

Although some work has now been completed
Those fiddly chores were still long overdue
No, it wasn't in the de-cluttering selection
Well maybe, yes it was, I'll leave that up to you.

So now I'll really have to tell you true
Just what this clever girl has done
I fixed some chores which always plagued me
So now that particular battle, has been won.

These weren't just chores out on a whim
For many years these tasks, they lay idle
I shudder to think how this could have happened
With motivation gone, my mind is quite tidal. 1 comment

For months now, I've persevered and knuckled to
I'm so proud that I've ticked off three
Completed those stories, for me and for you
These were some of the chores, stacked up for me.

First was, my book, ‘Il Mondo Della Luna 3’
Then my picture story,‘The Adventures of Big Ted’
And thirdly, my novelette,‘White Blanket-Red Snow’
I felt so good now, well wouldn't you know?

But that was only part of my ambitious plan
If I didn't have to go overseas in September
And the rest of those chores, weren't put on pause
I could have completed so much more to remember.

I will not despair, there’s still six months to go
For the end of the year is not here, as yet
December 21st is that day that the Mayans predict
I feel sure, that we will see many a year, I'll bet!


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