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John Ramsbottom John Ramsbottom
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Twas The Night After Christmas 2012

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soul mates

This is not intended as morbid but a respectful capture of an evening when around Christmas my next door neighbour died. Itgives us time to reflect on 'presence' at this time of year.

Twas the night after Christmas, with t.v. on in my house
The only creature stirring, was the cat and the toy mouse.
The stockings were empty and wrapping paper folded away                      
In hope this could be used for another Christmas Day.

The children next door have gone tired early to their beds,
After too much excitement, sugar still playing with their heads.
Just us four left awake, the cat happily playing chase nearby
And we three playing Merry Christmas- Me, Myself and I

When outside in the street a black car arrived-not for me,
The priest was giving last rites to her surrounded by family.
As they all had said Merry Christmas followed by goodbye
The neighbours kept a respectful distance: all knowing why.

He called her to heaven and they took her to a chapel of rest  
And her grieving husband was left having been blessed.
When would the tearful eyes next appear,
A line of black suits to bring in the New Year.

So as I pondered on our maker, who gives and takes life so quick,
Around the time when we all ask from St Nick.
I counted all the blessing of Christmas past,
prayed to thank that my neighbour’s suffering had ceased-at last

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