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Davide Castel Davide Castel
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Twenty-Twelve – FINAL

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soul mates

Okay, this is the final of my Twenty-Twelve series.  It's been a tough year!

It’s December of Twenty-twelve
Not many days are left to dwell
For me to have completed those chores
The ones that come from Hell, plus more.

You see I did a have a New Year’s resolution
I didn’t want to cause confusion
But these resolutions are always the same
I think it’s called,  the TRYING game.

I must give credit when credit is du
Chores and resolutions are meant to skew
But if we try to make some quality time
Resolutions can be completed, maybe, mine?

Oh don’t you see? What’s meant as fate
Is never intended to be your self-hate?
Get done those chores that always bug you
For tomorrow who knows what you could do?

Okay, six months have passed since I last tried
To get done those chores for him and for I,
No, I haven’t succeeded, since I went overseas
These commitments waited, BUT, I did please.

No, the end of the world didn’t even happen,
The world today is not so good with its weapon
However other events filled me with sad awe
With this modern world, there’s always a flaw!

Twenty twelve is truly gone and gone some more
You know? It’s another year, I won’t be sore
I’ll see what presents, what will eventuate
Twenty Thirteen is here, no need to evacuate!

Now this is the theme, where will it all end?
Tell me now, or I'll go round the bend!
The End...or...The Beginning?
You be the judge!!! I think I'm spinning?

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