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Davide Castel Davide Castel
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soul mates

6th of January 2013, was a significant day for two reasons, the latter being a poem which I wrote for my sister.


Every year on the 6th of January
Priests celebrate this Holy occasion
In which three wise men followed a star
Perhaps to some this means nothing
Happy are those who truly believe
As a new life brings hope and wonder
Now I am one of those believers and...
Yesterday, was that day...down under!

(7th January 2013)


Pussy cat, pussy cat why did you go?
Oh why did you leave us?  Please let us know?
Perhaps you were too old, too tired and sick?
Poppy our precious cat, who knew every trick
Your time with us was special, so we thank you for that!

After all Poppy, you were our 17 year old cat!

(6th Jan.2013)

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