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carved in stone, then new sentence.

Davide Castel Davide Castel
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20:10)space(He knows...

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Allen Clarke Allen Clarke
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The devil Sits.

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You know that story you used to hear about the evil being in the red suit, horns and tail? Except for the red suit, horns and tail, it`s all true.He`s out there.How else can one explain the never-ending ,swirling, cesspool of mayhem occurring in this sick, old world?

      The devil sat on a jagged rock and looked off into the horizon. He stroked his pointed beard as he pondered the inevitable. He saw it and trembled. There it was, smoking, raging and horrible. He knew what the Book said about his destiny, but, still he raged against the Truth that he, for so long denied. He cringed in horror. His serpentine tongue lashed out at the words he knew he could never..ever change. ``Perhaps``,he thought,``I might be able to run away, when the time comes, to another universe. Or perhaps, I c..c...could wrap myself in darkness, so that....He cannot find me.`` And, yet, deep down,he knew, of course that nothing was hidden in His sight. He knashed his razored teeth. No matter where he went, he saw Those Eyes and they burned into his black soul.The words which he read in The Book were a continual thorn in his side for neons untold.

     The devil shifted nervously on the sharp edge of the rock, and considered The Lake of Fire. To be tossed into that flame and to burn there for eternity sent a chill down his hairy back in such a way that he couldn`t shake it. A tear..what was that?...yes, you heard right, I said..a tear rolled down his stone-cold cheek. He thought of home, scruffed up his pointed beard,and slowly resigned it as a memory that tortured and enraged his super-pathetic position. To drop from the heights of Glory to...this? Why would he even consider such an insane ploy. To take over Heaven? Yeah...right!

     The devil wept because of his monumental loss. Oh, what utter folly! He had feasted on Heaven`s best and continual rapture abounded there. Truly, he had been in Eden. Truly he had lived The Life of Superabundance. He had revelled in it night and day, and never, ever had he seen a sorrowfful face in the countless eons that he had lived there. He was a beautiful creature at one time. The Almighty had created him as the epitome of beauty. He had excelled in strength. Wherever, he walked the other angels could feel the ripple of power which trailed in his wake. And, he might have lived forever, except for one...tiny...inconcievable...flaw. Pride.

     In my mind`s eye I imagine him to be a being with ...excuse me...I almost said...no equal. This would have been the most presumptuous statement I had almost made. The question,is, can the created thing turn around and wrest control and Power from its`Creator? You tell me. 1 comment

     The devil...sat. Satan...sat on his new throne. His...temporary throne. That, is moments after he picked himself off the ground...of the earth. Visibly shaken, he  shook off the shame of defeat, while the others, he had coerced into joining his foiled plan, looked about, surveying their new abode. Alas, they realized that they were fallen. They could never go home again.Their dismal fate was now carved in stone.
All they could do now was play out the game to its` bitter end. One third of them fell on that day. Nature, itself, shrank back in complete disbelief. And the Eternal``Why?...why?...why?`` has echoed down through the years, since the beginning of Time. 1 comment

     The devil sat on the rock and roll. He had been the anointed cherub, after all. He did not need to play guitar, he was the guitar. The music was,``built into him.`` He was especially proud of inspiring A.C.-D.C. With his snake-like tongue flicking in and out, he remembered with delight,whispering lyrics(of the now infamous Highway to Hell)into the ear of the man who composed it. He hadn`t always been like that. At one time,in distant eons past, he had enjoyed...Life Eternal in The Celestial City. He had led the praise and worship in Heaven where The Holy One sat on His Great White Throne. He saw the Power and the Glory. He had sat and looked face to face with The One who Lives Forevermore. And, he was filled with envy.

     The devil sat, in a meloncholic repose,and reached for his dusty, grey fiddle. He resined up his bow, as his fingers lit up like fireworks. He screeched out a mournful tune, and near busted his bow, as he considered his pitiful, temporary station in life. The horsehair on his bow burnt to a crisp. He had no friends, only the fire.

     The devil is evil. He kills without provocation and without an iota of remorse.He whispers ,``Kill them, kill them, kill every last one of them!``Insane does not come close to describing this sick, demented, psycho-creature, from that``other dimension.``Death is his only friend!

     The devil sits and considers The Lake of Fire.(Revelation 20:10) He knows he`s going there. And, still, to this day, some people prefer to believe he`s some joker in a red suit with hooves and a tail and horns growing out of his head. And, now you know the rest of a true story so sad that it beggars description by the human tongue. 1 comment

Wait! Just hold on there! Wait a second! Has ...he..assumed a different face these days? Perhaps now, he has become as a jet-setter. He moves in higher social circles, whispering his subtle messages into the ear of many a poor,rich soul. You may have seen him in one of those private parties, snorting snow, displaying his other-worldly charm. Or was he that spell-binding orator,richly baritoned with a never-failing stream of eloquence? As well, he might have been that charming and talented musician with the nimble fingers dancing over the ivories. But let`s not forget the gentler sex, shall we? He...might perchance, disguise itself as a stunningly beautiful femme fatale. Her web is finely spun with promise of some thing which she can and will deliver, but only for a short period of time. She will then leave you crushed ,defeated, and irreprehensibly debauched! She is like the black widow. She has no heart and will leave you to bleed and, eventually to die; ashamed of your own presumptuous foolishness. Because you see, that`s just her way. She is not human, and she does not think in human terms. Her only mission in life is to kill, and to kill, and to kill! First of all, she will steal all that is precious to you. Her only aim in life is to ruin you utterly. Then when she has done that, she will then kill your spirit. And, then, once your spirit is dead, she will drag your soul to Hell. That is the essence of the enemy of your soul.

The devil sits and crouches waiting...waiting...for you.

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