Davide Castel Davide Castel
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Allen, did you mean 'This life' to be repeated twice?

Allen Clarke Allen Clarke
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Yes,yes, Lucy.I quite like the rythym of it!

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Allen Clarke Allen Clarke
Recommendations: 18

Go Boldly

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soul mates

I see the clouds breaking away and Winter finally being chased away. Life is meant to be lived to its` fullest.

Go boldly
into your destiny
fly into the sun
never mind
the nay-sayers
they have their reward

Never mind the advancing
forest of grey
the achy bones
the eyes that dim
so often now
the words you read
five minutes ago
are tossed to the wind

Listen to the inner
it is wise
your preconceived
never mind the mountain
which says to you
``You can`t climb me``
but instead
go ahead and DO IT

You are the champion
of your own cause
no one else will bear
your brazen flag
for all too soon you will lay down
and sleep with your grandfathers
in the land beyond
your wildest dreams

And, don`t forget to dream
BIG, even though
your wallet may
try to tell you
This life
this life
is beautiful 2 comments

Go boldly
full face
to your destiny
and grab
your piece of the Sky.

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