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Davide Castel Davide Castel
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soul mates

FEARLESS is a repost and self-explanatory of how one can create their own inner monsters.  This is a subject that seems to be discussed quite a bit lately.

When I was young and rather brave
I thought all ghosts came from the grave...

It all began one afternoon
The sun was shining in my room
I went out walking to the store
For milk and bread and then some more.

I looked around, I felt a presence
My skin crawled, it was not pleasant
‘Oh my God. I’m being followed!'
I was alone, I deeply swallowed.

This then happened a few times more
Startling me till I reached the store
On my way home the ghost was there
Not just behind, but everywhere.

I was embraced by two or three
In front, behind and beside of me
‘You silly girl’ I said out loud
It was my shadow, I was not proud.

As I grew older my fears grew less
I was to face yet another test

This ghost came when I closed my eyes
He was not nice, he was not shy
He tried to scare me, but why so?
I don’t scare easily, didn’t he know?

My monsters are my inner fears
Which do not help me, that’s so clear
Ghosts and doubts are just created
From my fears, why should I take it?

Now, they appear when I’m asleep
In dreams, in pictures and when I weep
I talk with them when my heart is sore
Discussing feelings and so much more.

These ghosts, in fact, are not alarming
Unlike the living, pretending, charming!
I get quite confused...I really do...
My ghosts are friends and help me true.

Some ghosts are real, some are pretend
A spirit, an aura, a feeling, a friend
I am now FEARLESS, who will harm me?
Why fear the dead, when they just calm me?

I get my strength from Heaven above
And from all those that I truly love
Thanks go to you, my learn-ed friends
You gave me peace, why let it end?

Watch me now walking down the street
Oh so FEARLESS, yet oh so discreet
I take this journey with my friends
For my inner faith must never end...

                     * * *

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