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Davide Castel Davide Castel
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soul mates

I see him now, a child so joyous and sweet.
Who could have thought, that I would be so lucky?
My youth revisited once more, for I am young again,
I laugh, I act, I cuddle him and I thaw.
My son.  You are just as I had imagined!

I could have died they told me back then,
If I persevered with being pregnant again.

Now we play and act as all children should,
The sounds of his laughter, uplifting and good.
He looks at me with idolised devotion; I of course,
Hug him, love him, and feel great emotion.
My son.  You are just as I had imagined!

I so looked forward to having a son like he.
I did ask that fatal question, why me?

I first visited this innocent, saw a sleeping miracle.
The closest thing to God, so pure, helpless, perfect.
I saw him again on day two, the baby angel was awake.
I held him in my arms, my heart melted as our eyes met.
It was love at first sight, a connection of two souls.  

This little fellow has come into my life.  
He is just as I imagined my son would be!

Why does one say that grandchildren are special?  
The past is gone, that’s all that it was,
And the present is now, to enjoy each moment,
The future will tell of what happened before,
I feel this angel was sent to settle a score.

God works in mysterious ways.
And so the circle of life continues.

My first grandchild, turns five today,
On this rather hot thirty-three degrees day.
What can one expect, for this is summer?
I live 'Down Under,' dry land, such a bummer!
Though hot, I will still cook his favourite meal
For 'Risotto di Scampi,' was his requested deal.

February 23, 2013

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