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Daniela Bustamante Daniela Bustamante
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Dear Mom- A message of love. Part 4

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I see my mother shine through me.

I love having a fun mom!

You always made me bust up laughing! I loved it when you would hear your favorite song and you would just start dancing out of no where. Those were good times, you would always try to get me to dance with you but it was always in public and that was embarrassing but you never cared about what other people would think. You lived your life to the fullest. You were so outgoing and loud; you weren't shy one bit. You were very talkative and you always loved to make new friends and come to think of it... you had a lot of friends! You were so FUN!

Thanks for insisting that we make time for family stuff, even though everyone feels busy. We have so many great memories.

Mom, family times were always just me and you going on our little adventures, even if it was just going to the store across the street, we made everything fun. I remember when we would go to Azusa to go visit your friend and sometimes we would take the city bus just for the heck of it. You would show me where we used to live when I was born and even the church where I was baptized. We would laugh the whole way up there because of the crazy stories you would tell me... in the end, it was a wonderful adventure.

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