Asma Ahsan Asma Ahsan
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..the first mothers day without (her) mother..... ( that may sound better. read it like that and see if the effect is better.)

Davide Castel Davide Castel
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Yes, it reads better, but the story is - finished!

Asma Ahsan Asma Ahsan
Recommendations: 31

These three paragraphs are so strong! Wonderful narration.

Asma Ahsan Asma Ahsan
Recommendations: 31

The dream sequence actually happened? What a spiritual experience!

Davide Castel Davide Castel
Recommendations: 39

All of this is true, except for the names. I guess you know who I am? You see, I am a little perceptive at times, and my dreams are a source of premonitions.

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Davide Castel Davide Castel
Recommendations: 39

Just Another Mother’s Day

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She had a friend.

This is a repost in remembrance of my mothers 7th anniversary of her passing on the 8th March 1996..

The shadowy figure raced away from the castle, down the wet sloping path in the fading light. Frantic eyes searched for what could not at first be seen, then a sigh of relief as the partly hidden vehicle was spotted positioned precariously near the fast rising river.
Though strange to find that weeds and ivy had grown inside the car and around the exterior, she realized these curious questions would have to wait until a way was found to salvage her vehicle.
With a surge of energy, Anabella grabbed hold of the bumper bar and slowly heaved the car onto the road and out of danger. She did not question her strength. There had been no thought of failure.  
Had it only been that morning that Anabella had driven into the visitors’ car park to walk with heavy steps to the castle in search of answers?  It was a visit that had been long overdue by one who was going through the motions of existing and who now seemed to have woken from a deep sleep.  

                     * * *

Just another dream thought Anabella waking with a start.  It was 6.15 a.m. and much too early to rise. She had been dreading today, the first Mother’s Day without a mother.  Nevertheless, plans had been made to meet for the traditional lunch with her family. Her mother had taught that duty came before pleasure.  Anabella had not yet come to terms with the untimely loss of her beloved mother who had always provided emotional support.
The first time for anything is always memorable. That first month anniversary and the traditional family Easter at a sibling’s home the previous month were quite sad. The empty chair, the photo and lighted candles at the head of the table, was an acknowledgement that their mother was still included.   2 comments

Dozing again, Anabella was back in her dream castle. The visit had been longer than just the one day.  Once there, she had felt safe, protected and in a happy place. She did not want to leave and had hidden behind a couch and gone into a deep sleep whilst the tour guides locked up.  Just how long she had remained, was still unclear.
The phone shrilled at 9 a.m. and the day dragged for Anabella. Her husband accompanied her to the usual Sunday church service. Her two daughters gave thoughtful cards and gifts and then it was lunch with her extended family.  All had tried to make the day a happy one but it was difficult with the absence of the family matriarch.  The trip to the cemetery was gloomy. They brought flowers, lit candles and prayed in silence. Why did you leave us? Anabella asked.  I miss you so much.  She imagined hearing her mother’s reassuring words of wisdom.
These things only happen to the living.
The road you don’t want to take, you must run.

She could always depend on her mother for serenity.
Returning to the family home where mother had lived in for the past 53 years, Anabella listened to her sweet soprano voice coming from an old tape recorder.  Her presence filled the room.  How thankful they were to have had so many beautiful memories of a mother who had dedicated herself to her family with love and patience, wise words and diplomacy; a quiet achiever who did not interfere in her children’s married lives.
As Mother’s Day ended, each one took home a living plant in memory of their mother and nonna.
It had not been easy for her children. They lost their father a long time ago and were now orphans. Each week, since their mother’s death, they had diligently gathered at the home they grew up in and sorted through precious and personal belongings. It was difficult, because their mother’s presence was felt in every room, but it brought them closer as they shared the load.  When humorous past incidents were brought up, they felt like kids again. Spontaneous deep bellied laughs, helped relieve nervous stress.
The siblings decided to wear something that reminded them of their mother. Anabella wore her mother’s wedding ring on her little finger and also some of her clothes.  

                     * * *

Three months previously...

Anabella had a premonition of her mother’s death, in a dream.

Anabella had gone to visit her mother and was surprised at seeing numerous people milling around the family home. All had been whispering amongst themselves about the mystery person inside the house with no identity. Anabella rushed inside and saw that it was her mother’s lifeless body lying on her bed.

Anabella’s husband had woken to her cry of, ‘Oh no mum. Not my mum!’
That morning Anabella decided to ring her mother to share her fears. ‘Please be careful not to fall mum,’ she stressed.

‘You worry too much. Of course I will be careful,’ her mother soothed.  She had tripped a few times in the past because she walked quickly like a much younger woman.
The dreaded phone call came within days. Their mother had been admitted to hospital. She berated herself, ‘I tripped on the footpath...wasn’t looking where I was clumsy of me.’
Four days after her fall, the family was called to her bedside because complications had set in. Those hours spent by the family, children and grandchildren together, were precious moments. It gave everyone the opportunity to share their thoughts with her.

They stroked her hard working seamstress’s hands which had produced many original creations; hands that had embroidered and knitted beautiful garments well into the night; hands that had lovingly tendered her garden paradise for many hours each day; the flowering cacti plants, organic vegetables and juicy fruit trees. The fig tree was her pride and joy and family often found her high in that tree trying to salvage the ripe fruits from those ‘pesky birds’.  Her children forbade her to climb that tree for fear of her falling. But she did not listen.
The priest came to give the Last Rights. Whilst she tried to participate, she was too weak to answer yet she managed to bless herself after the closing prayer.  Their mother knew they were there for she looked at them individually; at times she stared into the distance, reaching her arm out as if in welcome.
Anabella was by her mother’s side when, with her eyes still open, she had quietly stopped breathing. Anabella had never witnessed anyone dying and was in shock. ‘I’ll be still talking to you each day mum and you better be there to listen to me!’  She would miss the daily phone calls. 2 comments

                     *  *  *

‘Today I ended my journey of a lifetime at the inconvenient hour of 3.13 a.m. I was not expecting this day to come just yet for I had a busy year ahead of me. My first great grandchild is due in a few months and I know my family was planning a special occasion for my 90th birthday in six months time. I have really tried to hang in there for them, but I guess it was my time for I was very tired when I had that fall. Old age is a bonus and when my Maker calls I must answer. I have lived a long and satisfying life and am now ready to go. I have been blessed with a family who have never abandoned me in my hour of need. They now surround me in a fitting farewell.  Don’t cry for me my loved ones. I know you will miss me but I promise to be with you always. When you close your eyes, I will show you many signs that will bring you comfort.  Goodbye my loved ones.  My husband is calling me...’

Honesty was her ideal, work her life, family her affections and God her faith.

Before the funeral Anabella had another dream.

She was standing in her mother’s back garden, which was still in full bloom.  The remaining resident black cat looked lost and mewed appealingly for comfort.  Having an aversion to animal fur she hesitated before picking him up to cuddle the way her mother would have done.  After all, he was now an orphan too. The cat purred and snuggled closer.  He sensed her sadness.    
        To show his appreciation the cat willed her to follow him to the bottom of the garden where her mother was buried under a high pile of dirt. He then escaped through a neatly burrowed tunnel. His eyes shone as he looked at Anabella and she was surprised to see that the deeper the tunnel went the brighter it became, like the memorable ‘light at the end of the tunnel’.  She thought it strange because she couldn’t see her mother … only the bright light.
       She went back into the garden with the black cat at her side and when she looked back at the grave there was a white cat standing guard.  He did not move or come to her.  He just stayed there.  She was comforted her to know that her mother was in a safe and happy place

It was strange that her mother’s remaining cat disappeared, as if he too knew that his mistress would not be returning.


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