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Davide Castel Davide Castel
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Just Another Mother’s Day - 2

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She had a friend.

This is a repost in remembrance of my mothers 7th anniversary of her passing on the 8th March 1996..


The Funeral

The local church was filled with mourners. Friends that had not been seen for years attended out of respect. Beautiful original music composed by Anabella, especially for their mother, had been recorded, and then played in the Church until the service was ready to begin. The Ave Maria was also sung by another daughter; musical gifts passed on by their mother.

The funeral had been well planned by the four children who shared the eulogy.

The congregation heard that their mother was:
A compassionate listener and counsellor;
The consoler and peacemaker;
The singer, dressmaker, gardener and recycler;
The historian and storyteller;
The crossword enthusiast and the hoarder;
The perfectionist and doting grandmother yet a very private person.  

Some of her pearls of wisdom were shared.

Every fruit has its season.

It is always better to be able to help, than to be in need of help.

The people who don’t want you, don’t really deserve you.

If they are happy, then we are all happy.

Nobody wants to become old, yet no-one wants to die young.

Anabella and her siblings knew mother would be proud of their efforts, just as they were so proud to have had her as their mother. All family members contributed something personal and then appropriately the haunting music of Schubert’s Serenade farewelled the woman who had made such a difference to many lives.

              * * *

Anabella thought of her mother each day. Her grief did not get any easier and it still seemed unreal that she would not see her anymore. Then she discovered that the answers were in her castle.

Anabella knew her dreams were a source of strength and comfort because her mother’s positive mental attitude came through strongly. She would need to be strong for her own family now. She would survive through the rising river of her emotions, the weeds and the ivy, the bad times and the good.

Life goes on after death and in time her mother’s absence would be easier to accept and today … was just another Mother’s Day.  

Of course, there was still her birthday to come and the first Christmas without her, but after that, it should really be easier ...

                     * * *

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