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Davide Castel Davide Castel
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The Mission

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soul mates

A bit of humour based on fact.

I searched high and low
To see if I could find
The one that would please
And say that it was mine.

     I woke up unawares
     That fate had set the scene
     It was not at all expected
     But I let the game begin.

This was no ordinary task
For a mere mortal I called me
Those who knew me only too well
Could understand, feel sympathy

     I had avoided this very chore
     For many years to date
     Others would have jumped with joy
     This task I grew to hate.

The time had finally come
For the long search to begin
I knew it was not easy
So I asked my next of kin.

    ‘Go for it!’ I had been told
     Which was very well for him to say
     But what about those niggling fears?
     That was enough to make my day!

What on earth was wrong with me?
How did this come about?
Why sweat and groan at the thought
My humour now gone, no doubt!

     Where was my sense of adventure?
     My carefree gypsy ways?
     Why let the unquiet spirit win?
     To haunt and taunt each day?

I took a deep breath...
For I was no slouch
I would tackle this problem now
And leave none in doubt!

     Armed with motivation
     My fighting spirit revived
     A girl on a steely mission
     To challenge and socialize.
But it was no easy task
As I was made aware
All good things come with patience
Those who search will find it there.

    Day one was a disaster
    Day two a hopeless flop
    Day three gave me some insight
    To persevere and not stop.

I was making headway now
I knew what I was looking for
That all illusive dream of mine
Would show up in a tiny store.

    Was I looking for a man?
    A romantic beau no less?
    Or searching for a past love?
    In an illusive quest?

Do you know what this is about?
Have I not given enough clues?
No, I am not the bride of course
But her mother through and through! 2 comments

     Now I am quite confident
     That my outfit will be there
     And my dream will be fulfilled
     When I find it sitting there!

3rd December 2003

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