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My iPad can't scroll down to add in discussion, so let me add here that it's a wonderful lesson that be prepared mentally to leave all behind when you know that your time has come.

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That right Asma. Q) How much did Howard Hughes, the richest man in the world, leave behind when he died? A) All of it!

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Davide Castel Davide Castel
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The Millennium Miracle

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A repost of a true story!

I consider myself blessed and honoured to have witnessed a miracle from God. The best part was, that He performed this miracle just for me!

I do believe that miracles are all around us, the miracle of life and birth, beauty and nature and I believe that we are surrounded by angels in the form of ordinary people, who touch our lives in some special way. I had personally experienced many miracles in my life, yet there was still a touch of the doubting Thomas, that needed me to actually see, so as to strengthen my beliefs.  

This is my story ...

     I was born and bred a Catholic. Having come from a generation of religious believers, fasting, confession, going to Mass on Sundays and Feast Days was an unquestionable normal occurrence in my household.

     Throughout my growing up years, my mother would tell me stories of her relatives’ religious beliefs, their near death experiences and the messages from the ‘other side.’ These stories had always held me fascinated and ever curious to know more.

     Even though I do believe in God, I have always secretly wanted to witness Him performing a miracle. When I did finally meet Him, it was not the way I had expected.  To begin with, he looked like any other young man of thirty-three. He had no beard and wore jeans and a casual shirt with rolled up sleeves. In fact, he blended in nicely with the present time.

     Let me start from the beginning. Some years ago, I was riding on a tour bus that was going for an outing in the country.  Included in this tour were a group of people who were treating a member of their group with unusual respect by listening to his every word.  Being the curious kind I asked the man next to me, Who is that person? for I was not one to miss out on the opportunity of saying hello to a VIP.

     The man quietly told me, that this person was really God and that they were His followers. I was fortunate to be at the right place this time, when my lifelong wish was realized and to finally have the opportunity to meet Him.  

     I then unashamedly, introduced myself to God and asked Him to perform a miracle just for me.  I said that even though I was a believer it would strengthen my beliefs. He didn’t say anything at first and pretended not to hear. But when I insisted and had the whole attention of His group, He looked at me and said,

     ‘You are very persistent. All right then. Seeing as we are nearing the end of this century, I will perform a Miracle, just for you.’

    By this time, the bus had stopped for a much-needed coffee break at a well-known park, with benches and other facilities. There was some kind of a celebration in progress, with a large raging bonfire, next to where we all stood.

    Then without hesitating, God proceeded to ask one of his faithful followers,

  ‘Who will step into this fire and show this curious woman, what blind faith really is?’  
     One man volunteered, pausing momentarily to make eye contact with God. Was he seeking reassurance?  Then he went in fearlessly.

     I watched mesmerized as the fire started to burn his skin, which quickly turned black and began to peel off. The man just stood there with his eyes shut, clenching his teeth and fists and shuddering uncontrollably.  Even though I was witnessing a phenomenon I still found it difficult to believe in this man’s blind faith. I began to feel guilty for having dared to ask for a miracle.

     When I felt certain that the man would expire at any moment, God spoke and said,

  ‘OK. You can come out now.’

     Surprisingly the man did and said;  ‘I didn’t feel a thing.’Slowly his body returned to normal.

     I was most impressed by this miracle and said to God, ‘I’ll never disbelieve you again.  What should I do to get to Heaven?’

     He said,  ‘Sell and renounce all your worldly possessions and live in poverty.  Only then can you join me.’ My jaw dropped.

    ‘But I can’t sell my beautiful home.  We need to be practical here and I do already live simply. But please don’t ask me to sell my beautiful home.’

     He looked at me in resignation and with the knowing look of the Master. He had heard it all so many times before. Then He turned away from me and joined his faithful followers.

     That ends my story of the Millennium Miracle.

     There was a lesson in there somewhere. I just needed to figure it out. 2 comments

Do I hear you say that you are still not convinced?  

Believe it or not, this really did happen to me, in my dream on the 9.9.1999.

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