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"the dragon" love the comparison.

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devises How about devices

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without shape or (form)sp

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And Fernando Makes Three 3 Musings on the Beach

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Part three is set on a beach, where Levi has gone to in order to destress after the diner from Hell. Most of it is background info and flashbacks but I hope you will find it mildly entertaining all the same. Any suggestions on alternative sound effects would be most appreciated.

Boom! Ferrrrrrrrrissssssssh The sound of the tide breaking beneath a crescent moon and racing up toward where Levi stood.

Corrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! The waves receding, dragging against the sand and pebbles.

Boom! Frrrrrrrrrissssssssh...Corrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Boom!

A never-ending cycle; perhaps older than the oldest thing on Earth (as ageless as it is enduring).  Forever cleansing the oceans of filth and pollution, while mankind continues its hell bent intention to abuse and exterminate those that dwell within.

Boom! Frrrrrrrrrissssssssh...Corrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

When the sun shines scantly dressed people run into the waves. When it rains they mostly shy away and leave the beach deserted; except for those who take advantage of inclement weather and absence of crowds to visit in private. Those like Levi who prefer to avoid ingesting saltwater, inadvertently or otherwise and are attracted only by the calming rhythmic lull.

Splash! The sound of a friendship torn asunder.

Levi’s troubled mind sent him back in time to the afternoon of the final episode of Djinn and Antonix…

“You got everything Rickets?” he asked as his young cousin awkwardly dragged the rubbish bag full of props through the gate and set it close to Wanda’s swimming pool.

“Fink so, “answered Ricky, “managed to get in and out without the dragon noticing. She sleeps like a log. A hunded bagpipers wouldn’t wake her.” 1 comment

“Good…well best we make a start before it gets too late.”

“Bags my turn to sing the team song,”

“Theme song Rickets…and yeah you can sing it.”

“Djinn and Antonix, Djinn and Antonix” started Ricky (singing to the tune of Frere Jaques) “Superboys, Superboys. Once were Levi and Ricky, now they’re Djinn and Antonix, Superboys, Superboys!”

“As you remember last week,” narrated Levi to a fictitious audience “Djinn and Antonix fought their way past Prince Paddy Lock-lock and the alley-gate-tor that guarded forbidden swamps of Queen Wandalina. Swamps filled with horrible sea-monsters”

“Monsters like Bananaramas,” embellished Ricky, retrieving the half dozen bananas he had stolen from Wanda’s fruit bowl and tossing them into the pool. “Bananaramas are like Piranhases(apparantly the plural of Piranhas), only more dainderus.”  

“And don’t forget about the jellyfish,” added Levi tossing in a handful of jellybeans.

“And alleyfants.”  

“Elephants can’t swim,”

“These do…look they’ve already got their swimming trucks on.”    

“Quite so Antonix. We need to get to the other side of the forbidden swamps in order to save Princess Bertha with the big boom-booms,” he said retrieving a blue tea towel from the prop bag and wrapping one end of it round his neck then fastening it with a safety pin (an important impliment that no crime fighting crusader should leave home without, according to Ricky). This was his Superboy cape that gave him special powers.

“We must be careful not to fall into the swamp and get eaten, Djinn” replied Ricky, donning  the red tea towel; (aka tonix’s cape).

“Quite a connumberrum to be sure Tonix.”

“Maybe we should sit and think about it for a while Djinn .”

Sit and think, mused Levi, returning to the present. Sit and think alone in your room about what you have done and wait to be severely punished…

Boom ! Ferrrrrrrrrissssssssh...Corrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Boom!

Three months had passed since the afternoon Ricky and he, had stolen the key from the third draw of Wanda's vanity cabinet whilst she slept unaware of their mischief making, and gained entry to her backyard swimming pool. A place they had been repeatedly told never to venture without adult supervision. Such foreboding only encouraged the VOMs (voices of mischief) in both of them and was the sole cause of the rift that now existed between Katrina and Wanda.

The names Djinn (derived from Levi’s Jeans, forming Jeanie and later refining to Djinn shortly after Esau started reading stories from Aesop’s ”Tales of One Thousand and one nights” to him) and Antonix (which seemed a good Asterix-type sidekick title ), came from Levi’s imagination but he knew the game never would have worked without Ricky’s much quirkier input.

Ferrrrrrrrrissssssssh. Corrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

There was an earlier version of the game which also had them paired up as dynamic-duo wannabes. They called themselves “The Scallywag Slayers,” and drove around Wanda’s backyard in a go-cart protecting Queen Wanderlina’s castle from goblins, trolls and many headed hydras with plastic swords and rubbish-bin-lid shields.  

Everything seemed to be going fine and Wanda left them to their own devices as long as they did not cause too much damage, until the day Ricky drew two S's on the front of each of their tee shirts with a permanent marker pen. It was meant to stand for Scallywag Slayers but a Polish neighbour who had been through the war spotted them and thought they were playing at being Nazi Secret Service agents. She rang Wanda detailing her concerns and they were introduced to a less fun variation of the game called “The scolding of the scallywags,” which included a raft of domestic chores. Neither of them ever wore the SS tee shirts again. 1 comment

Boom! Frrrrrrrrrissssssssh. Corrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

A cold southerly breeze swept in from the south and cut through his light attire.  He quickly placed his frigid hands inside the hip pockets of his hooded sweat top and shivered. It was time for him to return and face the music. There was little point in staying out all night just because of frayed nerves.

“Well waves I’d best be going,” he mumbled, waving at the waves “Keep up the good work.”

Levi turned and started walking back up the beach when all of a sudden he felt the unnerving sensation of being watched. Goosebumps chilled his spine. He made a quick 360 degree scan of his surroundings but apart from the sand, waves, driftwood and sea shells he was very much alone.

"Calm down Levi, it’s just your over active imagination," whispered VOR (the voice of rationalization).  

This was the third time in two days he had encountered whom he referred to as The Watcher for want of a better name. Some sort of supernatural being, he guessed, without shape or form.  It seemed harmless and without the normal traits of the poltergeists he had read about and being chased by in his nightmares. 1 comment

“What do you want from me?” he asked tentatively but received no response.

“Get a grip, Levi. There is no such thing as ghosts or poltergeists,” asserted VOR.

Seconds later the sensation faded and Levi was left shivering on the beach.  He drew a heavy sigh then continued toward the picnic tables where he had left his bike.

In the far distance he could hear the sound of a barking dog.

Boom! Frrrrrrrrrissssssssh...Corrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Boom!


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