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Warren Gates Warren Gates
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Walk The Quiet Road

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soul mates

I miss my parents and my pets who have passed.  I began writing this shortly after my Mother died in 2011, but kept getting stuck without an ending, so even though the ending is a bit weak, this is how it is.  I did not want this to be something that sat in a notebook for years and years like so much of my writing does. I really do miss my Mother insisting that I call, especially if I was driving at night or in bad weather.

Walk  the quiet road, stop to say a prayer.
Mom and Dad, an old boy friend,
are all buried here.
I brush away the weeds,  rest my hand upon the stone.
They are there and I am here
and no one is alone.
The sun feels nice today
and the memories bring a smile.
With a sigh I realize I haven’t been here in a while.
Nicky came along  today, peaceful and serene.
There is a sense of timelessness
under shady trees.
And I think about my parents,
they were quite a pair.
They fell in love in wartime and it blossomed right from there.
Settled in a little house, they raised a family.
I close my eyes and hear my Dad,
Laughing as he watched TV.
But he always used to read to me before I went to sleep,
And Mommy taught me lots of prayers
for my soul to keep.
They had 60 years  of happiness
before the cancers came,  and took my Dad
and then my Mom and nothing was the same.
I wipe away a tiny tear,  Nicky wags his tail,
we  get to our feet and wander down the trail,
and there’s the boy that I once loved,
dead at 23, behind the wheel of a pick-up truck,
slammed into a tree.
His sister came to tell me and held me as I screamed.
A handsome face, now cracked in two,
haunted many dreams.
That was 40 years ago and somehow time went on
I learned to live and love and laugh
I learned that pain’s not meant to last.
My heart is filled with photographs of all the days gone by.
I pull the old dog close to me
and watch a cloud drift by.
We wend our way between the graves
of people I don’t know:  a baby here, an old man there,
they died so long ago.
Now no one comes to touch the stone or brush away the weeds,
no one walks this quiet road
to say a prayer for these.
Nicky, in the present, sniffs the fragrant grass.
I'm a few steps right behind, one foot in the past.
And as we pass beyond the gate I turn around to see
the shades of all the souls gone by
and my parents watching me.
I wave and blink away the tears,
They smile and wave and disappear,
back to their Eternity,  forever hand in hand
beyond my ken to really know or understand.
Nicky watches, wags his tail , a sparkle in his eye
There are lots of things to do today and
so we say goodbye , but as we slowly walk away
I clearly hear my mother say
“Let us know that you got home OK”

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