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Davide Castel Davide Castel
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soul mates

I woke up this morning, with LOVE LETTERS on my mind. Thought this might make me want to write them each a letter, and maybe all of you too.  What do you all think?.

Write a letter to your Mother...    A treasured soul, now resting in peace.
Write a letter to your Father...      He did the best that he knew how.             
Write a letter to your Sisters...    We once fought like cats and dogs.
Write a letter to your Brother...   You were just too good, so Wow!

Write a letter to your Husband...  My partner and my soul mate.
Write a letter to his Wife...          She bore you children and saved your life!
Write a letter to their Children...  Don’t you realise how lucky you were?       
I know they would think it nice...  We paid the price to have you too!             

               Our Love is Everlasting...
               A Love that's Honest and True
               A Love that has Understanding
               TO everyone who respects us too!

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