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Valerie Woodhouse Valerie Woodhouse
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A tearing

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She had a friend.

This is about my mom who is in hospice

      Jake and Leona laid their blanket on their favorite grassy spot at the top of the cliff overlooking a gorgeous view of the immense canyon. The sky seemed so much bigger here and their hearts felt free. The day was warm with a slight breeze. They were older now, surprisingly 80 and 82 though their hearts felt as young as ever.  In their 56 years of having married, their hearts, minds and beings were intertwined and their souls strongly united,
       Although this special picnic spot was very familiar, they both were very aware of the uniqueness and significance of this particular moment. Leona had received the dreaded summons to leave her beloved and enter into the dimension beyond. Not exactly dreaded because there was also a longing to go to this other place, to be relieved of her failing body, to be with her beloved Creator. But to leave her soul-mate and life companion was a tearing. It was so difficult to process. There was a conflict of emotions, two realities pulling her in opposite directions.
       Jake too was experiencing a range of emotions although his were without the anticipation of the joys of heaven. His new life would be full of uncertainty, changes, challenges, loneliness. His focus was almost completely on now, the few precious moments that remained with his sweetheart. His future life could definitely wait.
       They sat together on the blanket, staring into the beautiful live extravagant picture in front of them. Silence other than the singing of the birds. Leona snuggled into Jake, both content to just be with the other. No need to talk as they both had an understanding of this time they shared together.
       Jake saw it first, A little speck appearing in the distant sky, slowly but steadily. Watching his gaze, Leona also turned to look. Her first response was a stabbing fear and panic but she looked to Jake and saw his peace and acceptance. Clinging to him, she turned to watch the eagle’s flight towards them. She reminded herself of what she already knew, that this was her time to go, and all would be well.
       As the eagle began to descend towards her, she and Jake held each other tightly. The eagle landed beside them but gave them a moment for a last embrace.
       “Go, it’s O.K. God is with me. I release you. Thank you for all you mean to me.” Jake said.
       Leona wanted to struggle, to deny this reality, to flee it, but she knew in her heart that this was the appointed time. She relinquished her struggle and accepted what was before her.
       Looking at Jake with communication beyond words, she nodded. Jake gently lifted her frail body up onto the eagle’s back. One last kiss and it was time to fly. Their eyes locked and away Leona flew to her eternal destination. The eagle and his one true love diminished, becoming a dot and then fading away as Jake stood, straining for the last sight of them,
       Grief tore at him as he fell down onto the ground. Overwhelmed by his loss, too stunned for tears, he was motionless.Quietly, gradually, his children and their spouses, grandchildren and great-grandchildren came and circled around him, with their sweet love, embracing him. Relatives and friends gathered around in a huge circle. The soft singing began, lifting his soul back into peace, carrying him until that day when he too would be picked up and carried to his eternal home to be united with Leona and to be with his beloved Creator in that place where suffering, death, dying and separation are no more.

thanks all for your helpful comments

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