Leslie Blackwell Leslie Blackwell
Recommendations: 21

try "dare not and could not do it."

Leslie Blackwell Leslie Blackwell
Recommendations: 21

walked out of "his" site, beyond all vantage points IMO (in my opinion)

Leslie Blackwell Leslie Blackwell
Recommendations: 21

He could easily love a face like that and get lost in those eyes.

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Justin Campbell Justin Campbell
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That Look

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She had a friend.

He walked into the computer lab, saw her, and virtually froze.

She wasn't a person he knew at all - but he might as well have. She had it. The look. The face. The hair, the eyes, the curve of her jaw, she had it.

He assumed an almost involuntary expression of both pleasure and mystification. This was the eighth 'face' or 'lookalike' he'd seen in two years, and his sightings were getting slightly more frequent. It pleased him immensely because this was the face of the girl of his dreams.

It had started back in high school, in eleventh grade. There was one girl who had a round face, wavy dark hair, and these particular eyes. Green. Framed and shaped in a way that was beautiful to him. He couldn't ask her out because she had a boyfriend, and he could never even gain the courage to do so to begin with. They'd instead became acqaintances, and to this day remained minor Facebook friends. But he always loved her eyes, the shape of her face, and whenever he saw a similar-looking girl, he was extremely pleased and happy because they almost served as something of another opportunity.

Another opportunity he never took.

Since moving on and seeing a lookalike girl on the bus, another in a college class (with whom he ended up on the same terms as the original one) and yet more others elsewhere, it had become a sort of fixation for him. He was the kind who obsessed on things he desired because he never had the confidence to try and achieve them or take risks. Who knew when he'd be able to muster up the courage to talk to one of these girls, try a relationship with them? Any kind that wasn't boring Facebook friends.

The girl in the computer lab stayed focused on her book, oblivious of his standing there, and his glances. She remained blissfully unaware of his intense expressions.

He walked around, appearing to wonder where he could find his own seat, though he wanted to be somewhere where he could see her. The option of walking up to her and saying, "do you mind if I sit here?" and sitting beside or across from her passed in his mind, but he did not dare do it. Couldn't. 1 comment

He ended up finding several places to sit before she got up, grabbed a handbag, and walked away, hugging her book to her chest. She left the area and walked out of sight, beyond his vantage point. 1 comment

He would never follow her, but he still felt exhilerated. He was in love with a face like that. He could get lost in those eyes easily. 1 comment

He just never took those damn opportunities, opportunities that slowly began to suggest that that type of face wasn't too uncommon, yet he could do very little about it.

The exhileration passed.

He left the computer lab, the face only a memory now, and went on about his day, wondering and hoping he'd see another lookalike again. He'd give anything to be loved by a girl who could mesmerize you with just her eyes.

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