Davide Castel Davide Castel
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Is there a reason why the clock goes from 3:52 am to 24:00 then back to 23:59? Or is that part of this mysterious story?

David Anderson David Anderson
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Count down, versus count up. Easier to keep track of lol

Davide Castel Davide Castel
Recommendations: 39

and now the time goes backwards to 23:58?

David Anderson David Anderson
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I was hoping to make it understood that in 24 hours he would be dead.

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David Anderson David Anderson
Recommendations: 2

= New Lease On Death =

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She had a friend.

*The sound of rapid breathing*

Startled, I sit up in bed and look around my dark room. I know not what startled me or what caused me to awake. All I know is that my heart is beating so fast it’s not beating but fearfully quivers. Wiping the sweat that has begun to bead on my brow, I look at the alarm clock next to my bed.

3:48 A.M.

The red numbers stare at me through the darkness. Still looking, I see the “8” turn to a “9” as I silently convince myself all is of the norm and to go back to sleep. Calming myself the best I can, I lay my head back down upon my pillow, forcing myself to close my eyes as my head sinks into a comfortable state. Once again, peaceful slumber overtakes me as I fall into deep sleep.

Through my eyelids I can see a bright illumination of sorts and once again, I feel my heart quivering inside my ribcage and once again, I feel the sweat begin to bead on my brow. In a cowardly state, I hesitate in opening my eyes for I know not what could possibly be so bright in my bedroom chambers.

*A high pitch screeching sound*

The sound juts me from my sleeping position, causing me to sit upright, clinging to my comforter as if it were a weapon that could provide even the smallest hopes of protection as I slam my back against the headrest of the bed. My eyes enlarge, my jaw drops… My heart stops. I grasp at my left arm as a surge of astonishing pain radiates through my upper chest. Out of the corner of my eye, I spot the alarm clock.

3:52 A.M.

Folding over with pain, I fall out of my bed, landing shoulder first before finally flopping onto my back. I feel a warm, foamy substance begin to leak from the corner of my mouth and run the length of my jaw as I hear the high pitch screeching sound that so violently aroused me from my slumber.

Half apparition, half man. Black shadow and dense black fog making up much more of the whole than any appearance of mortal flesh. The dense black fog swirled about, appearing and disappearing in it’s whirlpool circulation around the creature’s torso and lower half. The only thing that could be clearly seen is the face. The skin of which was of a bleached bone color and it’s eyes… It’s eyes were the most startling feature of all. Red. Blood red. Blood red and glowed as if they were rubies being rotated in direct sunlight. It’s lips, black as the blackest of nights. It’s teeth, sharp, jagged, numerous and as white as it’s face.

As I lay there in my expiring state, the apparition hovers closer. My chest becomes tighter than it was before. The pain, more intense. My muscles, throughout my body, stiffen, causing my entire body to go rigid. Rigor mortis. The black smoke that made up the creature’s hand slowly reaches out before, suddenly, plunging itself into my chest. The pain subsides as I feel myself levitate from off of my bedchamber’s floor. Face to face with this unholy creature, I float. My body’s stiff, board-like in nature. My mouth opens against my will. A black, smoke-like substance begins to billow from out of my depths, being consumed by the creature’s own black substance.

As the last of the blackness escapes me, I gasp. Chocking on the lack of oxygen. Coughing, I am released by the unholy creature, falling to my bedchamber’s floor. Landing on my chest, I wheeze a wheeze so weak and frail for I just escaped death’s last nail. Barely able to, I tilt my head to look at the creature. Fading, the creature silently hovers backwards and before fading completely, places it’s foggy hand upon my alarm clock. The alarm clock goes from “3:52 A.M.” to “24:00” then to “23:59.” Again, the high pitched screeching howl radiates through my bedchambers just as the unholy creature disperses into nothing. 2 comments

Closing my eyes, I feel my strength begin to slowly return. Pushing myself to my hands and I knees, I prop myself up below the sill of my window. My breathing, returns to normal. My heart rate, slow in pace. I wipe the foamy substance from the corner of my mouth as I tilt my head back, resting it against the wall. After a few seconds, I take my head from off of the wall and look forward, once again, spotting the alarm clock. It now reads “23:58.” 2 comments

[To Be Continued]

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