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Davide Castel Davide Castel
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soul mates

A bit of a thought provoking poem, thanks to Asma and her discussion on CHOICES. This may not make sense to some, but it does to ME!

The time had come for a choice to be made, I needed to be wide awake
I had reached the crossroad, but which direction should I really take?
The one less travelled? Simple, peaceful, uncomplicated, yet boring?
Or the one most travelled?  Busy, exciting, adventurous, so outpouring?

The one less travelled into the unknown, had dirt roads, so uninspiring!
Trees, sunshine, scattered houses, no ending in sight, yet quite retiring,
The one most travelled, knew where it was heading, and I think, of course
It offered life’s luxuries and happy material times, perhaps even a divorce?

My twin chose the simple one while I chose the other, so much more exciting
My twin lived to be a happy soul and lived to a ripe old age, that’s inviting,
I was consumed with greed for more, and suddenly died at a younger age,
Did I make the wrong choice by living a full life instead of being in a cage?

Wine, women and song, I travelled that road and had such a ball, of course
When the time had come to record my memories, it was full of spicy sauce
Then he came along and showed me the way to repent to God, in his way
I gave it all up and found a new course to follow and amend for my sins, hooray!

But it was too late, for my time was up, I repented in full but my time was ripe!
Now he lived on to a long and boring life, but it satisfied him and also his wife
Then, when all was explained, we each had made choices not always the same
But how did we know which road to take at the beginning of life? It’s a game.

We can all agree to disagree at this point of time, but never have regrets,
For our choices are our own, no matter how long we have for pirouettes,
The road less travelled, or the road most travelled, is the choice we make
To make or break us, live or die, fulfilled or unfulfilled, that’s a choice we take!

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