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Davide Castel Davide Castel
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She had a friend.

Another repost. I tried to create a story of Hope in the face of adversity. Everything is possible, when you believe in yourself.

The sounds of the cheering fans and theatre patrons hushed as the Conductor bowed and raised his baton to commence the Premier performance of Concerto for Violin called - Music from the Soul.

Letitia sat with her family, in one of the plush, red, boxed seats of the filled theatre.  Her eyes moistened as the first notes sounded from the now familiar overture which resonated through the Grand Concert Hall.  She closed her eyes, letting the music embrace her.

As the evening progressed with the music brilliantly played by the Orchestra, her mind wandered back to the past.  Another time, another place, back to when she was a young girl living in foster care...

                                   * * *

Whilst Letitia was separated from her family, her love for music had lifted some of her loneliness and given her hope. Those times when she had discovered music, through a borrowed violin, were memories that she could not forget.

When Letitia did return home some years later, it was without a violin. Her family could not afford much and she feared her newly acquired music skills would be wasted. She began to listen to all the records on the old gramophone and recorded classical music from the radio, on her parent's tape recorder.
It would take another thirty years before Letitia could buy herself that elusive violin ...

                                   * * *

... The solo violinist was now beginning to play the final tune of the evening, the famous Opus No.1 and was then accompanied by the Orchestra after the opening sequence.

Letitia’s eyes filled with tears, her whole body tensed.

The first time she had discovered that tune, was a time when her life had become emotionally challenged. She now learnt from this experience, that through every unhappy event, she would gain some powerful knowledge of life. In her case her emotions unlocked a dormant skill of composing music, which would became her lifeline and a place where she would continue to seek refuge.
Her family had not understood this at the time...

                                   * * *

... It had begun nine years ago.  Her daughter Rosalia was in the process of finalizing the preparations for her wedding nuptials which were only a few weeks away.  She would become Mrs. Rosalia Espaniol, by marrying Carlos the love of her young life.
All the preparations had been going smoothly and according to plan.  Everything was timed to perfection. The wedding dress, a romantic Dolly Varden number, was in the final finishing stages. The Church, Reception, Photographer, bridesmaids, flower girls and pageboys, were all organised well in advance.  All that needed doing were the final touches to her gown and the final payments for the music at the Reception.

Knowing all was under way, Letitia asked her daughter, ‘Rosalia, I wanted to surprise you for your wedding with a special tune I’ve been working on. Can you spare your old mother five minutes during the reception?’
Rosalia felt suddenly troubled. ‘Mum! Everything is organized. There is no time or space to fit in any more music.’
‘That’s what I thought Rosalia.  What about over dinner then?  No one needs to know until the very end, that I composed this tune especially for the two of you', she pleaded. 'It would just be background music so shouldn't upset any of your plans.’

‘This is my wedding mum. I don’t want to feel embarrassed.’ Her mum was still just an amateur.  

Rosalia knew she had disappointed her mother and felt a little guilty, especially as her mum had devoted her life to her family. But her mother was a novice in the field of music and just didn’t understand. Things were done differently nowadays.  To make a spectacle of herself would ruin her perfectly planned wedding completely!

Her mother often thought that she knew what was best for her daughter. She didn't really interfere, but had tried to relate some of her old traditions on to her daughter. She had, of course, followed her own mother’s example and thought that was the way things should be done.  But Rosalia would have none of it, especially not for that one special day in her life. Why couldn't she understand this?

However, Rosalia was not to know how deeply she had hurt her mother.
The wedding was a complete success and everything did go according to their well laid plans. Which was just as well. The weather was perfect and even the sun shone as if on cue. Perhaps not wanting to be the one to upset all these carefully thought out plans?

Since that time, much had happened to Letitia. Her motto was HOPE. She would compose little ditties for herself, for example, To ride with the waves, one must reach the shore, somewhat buffeted that’s true, but onwards evermore.

Life continued in ripples and waves, until Letitia was lost in her own world of music and dreams.  She devoted her time to what made her happy and surprisingly, succeeded in making those around her happy as well. She was able to grow, by arranging her needs and workload and in her enthusiasm, achieved more than she had ever expected. This was now her time!

Over the years, her emotions had left a legacy of a number of soulful and colourful musical compositions. Dormant tunes could not escape fast enough, as her newly founded skills developed and her music became overwhelmingly popular.
Letitia's music had eventually been sought by the entertainment industry, as background for movies and television.  It had taken some time before her family had finally understood that she did possess some talent and it was they, who had encouraged her to pursue her musical abilities...

                                   * * *

... Now, as the final strains of Opus No.1 played, Letitia looked across to her daughter Rosalia, Son-in-Law Carlos, and her three precious grandchildren, Melodi, Harmoni and Zac. The look of love, fulfilment and inner peace, evident in her teary eyes.

As the evening closed to the vibrant crescendo of Opus No.1, Letitia thought of the irony of that tune, which she had composed for the wedding of her daughter Rosalia and Carlos.  

That tune, which Rosalia thought would be an embarrassment at her wedding.

And that tune, which had received an Oscar nomination for best original score in the latest Academy Awards.

It was indeed, her time to remember.

The Conductor turned to Letitia and her family in the box seat of the Grand Concert Hall, and applauded loudly.  The audience followed, in a standing ovation.

                                   * * *

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