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Cindy, a well written lady in my writing class said it was 'prised' when I had written 'prized' and that's how I speak too, so perhaps the proper word is 'pried?' Though I've never heard of it.

Cindy Beitinger Cindy Beitinger
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Use force in order to move or open (something) or to separate (something) from something else: "he pried open the window".

Davide Castel Davide Castel
Recommendations: 39

You probably know better, so I'll change it. Thanks.

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Davide Castel Davide Castel
Recommendations: 39

Oyster Cove

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She had a friend.

I thought I would repost this one again, which is full of my imagination and of course partly from my dream..

To dream and to believe
‘Tis a gift from above
Be it fact or be it fiction
Read on, you be the judge.

The solitary diver urgently reached the surface through unfamiliar waters, as tightly clutching an object in her left hand, she tore off her cumbersome equipment and dragged herself onto the deserted shore of the small island, where she lay exhausted.

     The burning sun dried the salty water from her skin in seconds as she slowly sat up to observe her whereabouts. Abandoned!  The boat had left without her. Miriam had been warned to keep within a certain radius of the snorkelling expedition on the Barrier Reef, which she had joined on impulse that morning. First curiosity and then a feeling of déjà vu had drawn her to that hidden underwater cave as she remembered a strange dream that she had the night before.

      The pain coming from Miriam’s swollen left leg could no longer be ignored, when she saw the blood-mangled abrasions had spread and had turned an angry purple. It definitely looked infected was her feeling. She had obviously suffered an abnormal reaction when her leg scraped against rocks in her confused escape after finding that strangely shaped oyster shell.  When she at first dislodged it from the rock wall and held it, the strangest feeling came over her. What Miriam did not realize then, was that she had been given three gifts that would now change her life.

     The colourful scene about her became earthly grey in appearance. She saw what appeared to be a large whale, only to find on closer inspection that it was in fact a submerged submarine. What frightened her most was seeing the faces of the distressed crew peering out of the portholes. There were men trapped inside, their mouths opening and shutting as if calling for help, their eyes wide with terror.  
     Mountainous rocks surrounded her as she explored for some sign of life.  Miriam found a small freshwater rock pool in which she sat gratefully, bathing her injured leg. Then with her pocketknife she pried open the oyster to reveal a large magnificent bluish coloured pearl. Leaving it still attached to the shell, she laid it in the water next to her, but did not see the small mist of bubbles escape, releasing an unusual clear substance. 4 comments

     She was thirsty, her mouth parched, so she gathered and tentatively sipped the clean refreshing water from her cupped hands. The pain in her leg miraculously disappeared! Spontaneously looking down she saw, as if in slow motion, that the swelling was reversing and abating. Her skin had become smooth once more and her leg was now miraculously  healed!

     From a distance, this slightly built dark haired and blue eyed young woman was being observed through a telescope from the distant lighthouse.

                                   * * *
‘You must believe me. There was a submarine down there’ said Miriam.

     The water police were exasperated. Not only did they come to this woman’s aid when Mick the lighthouse keeper called them in to rescue her, but she had stubbornly insisted that there were people still trapped inside a grounded submarine.
     ‘I’m sorry, but we found nothing. These waters are not deep enough to service submarines and we all know they don’t have portholes. What would a submarine be doing here on the Barrier Reef?’  They gently tried to humour her.

     ‘I don’t understand it. I know what I saw...Oh no! I had a dream last night. I dreamt that a large fish beckoned to me and I followed.   He led me to that underwater cave where I found a large oyster.  I knew at the time that the dream had a special significance for me.   Now I understand.  Don’t you see?  It was a warning that the oyster would give me a premonition of a tragic disaster waiting to happen!’  She became very agitated.

     ‘Calm down Miriam. You’ve had a nasty shock or maybe a touch too much of the sun. A nice strong cup of coffee with a dash of brandy should relax you. Don’t you worry about a thing. We’ll sort this out.’ Mick was now in his fifth year as a Lighthouse keeper.

      He was a loner who enjoyed the peaceful solitude of the island and watching the ships go through the Whitsunday Passage. The weekly snorkelling expeditions and the occasional inquisitive lost tourist were all the excitement he was used to. Now, he was instantly attracted to this young lady when he found her wandering along the beach, claiming to have seen a distressed submarine and babbling about her miracle leg.  He was very impressed with the huge coloured pearl that had materialized from that strangely shaped rock oyster. But a miracle?  It seemed unlikely.  Should he believe that she had scraped her leg on a reef? Of course, with suspicious rocks, live coral and secluded underwater caves, that was always a possibility.  But a miracle? Yet, looking into her sincere blue eyes, he felt compelled to believe her.

     Three days later the headlines read - SUBMARINE DISASTER - 30 Sailors Trapped off Darwin, feared dead.
                                   * * *

As time passed, premonitions of disasters filled her head. Miriam always warned the authorities, which at first thought them a sick joke. Eventually, they believed her. That first submarine premonition had proved so true and could not be denied, although tragically it was too late for the sailors.

     From that day onwards, every time Miriam held the oyster the scene about her became grey and she began having accurate premonitions, with only three days of warning before the actual disaster eventuated. There was the unexplained fire at the Cathedral in Sydney which killed the Bishop and the tragic drowning of twins in the Yarra River in Melbourne, not to mention the slaying of a grandmother in her own bed in Perth. Miriam was now being taken more seriously as word got around of her special gift and she was in great demand to predict and to help prevent future tragedies from occurring.

      Miriam’s second gift was her Pearl of Wisdom. By holding and stroking the pearl she could feel herself enlightened and filled with answers of wisdom to whoever came to seek them. Her third gift was the Water of Life. The source of the healing power from the oyster water was finally discovered to be a substance released when the shell was held in any sort of water, by Miriam alone. Scientists were extremely baffled. Under analysis they found that water from the submerged oyster contained pure oxygen, fish extracts and sea minerals and it was that particular combination that contained the healing qualities.

                                   * * *

Fifty years later the lighthouse was still home to old Mick who was now in his eighties. He never tired of telling the Legend of Miriam with her three special gifts to the group of visitors to his now famous island called OYSTER COVE.

    ‘What happened to Miriam?’ asked one young man.

    ‘Well, after using the oyster water to cure many people of their ailments, Miriam sadly discovered that each time the pearl was touched and used, it began to shrink. I believe the scientific explanation was the acidity in her hands and its overuse in water.  But after hundreds of gallons of the healing water had been produced, the pearl had nearly disappeared. She had wanted to preserve it forever, but that wasn’t possible, so she swallowed it instead.’

     There were gasps all around at this revelation which never failed to impress his visitors.

     ‘What happened then?’

     ‘No-one really knows that answer. We will leave that to your imagination. Ah here is our hostess who has prepared a delicious afternoon tea.’ He caught her eye and gave her a loving wink that spoke volumes.

      ‘But first she will take you through to our gift shop where you will be privileged to buy limited samples of the Original Oyster Water.  Also for a small fee you can visit Madame Pearly who will give you Words of Wisdom from her crystal ball.’

      ‘Follow me lads’ said a slightly built dark haired and blue eyed young woman.  

                                   *  *  *

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