Asma Ahsan Asma Ahsan
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You should mention its Dan here.

Asma Ahsan Asma Ahsan
Recommendations: 31

Hmm, he had no need to bring that up. He back bites too.

Justin Campbell Justin Campbell
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*One of the blatant real-life references. That really happened in my 12th grade math class...the teacher had several balls and even threw one at a guy listening to music in the back.

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Justin Campbell Justin Campbell
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The Nice Guy: Chapter Six

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April 15 2009 1 comment

       Wednesday, April 15, found me sitting at a student’s council meeting at lunch. Most of my friends are on council, and our meetings are usually lively.

       “So, we’ve got most of the teachers involved,” continued Ms Stein, one of our teacher advisors. “Our main objective is now getting the amount raised for our cause.”

       “We’ve got all the signs up,” noted Tom Andersen, one of the media representatives.

       “Yeah, but are they colourful enough,” wondered Zack Samson, a grad rep.

       “Oh, I wouldn’t argue about that,” calmed Manson Silverstein, the treasurer. I should mention that when I wrote his name, it wasn’t nearly his proper name. He’s the only person I know who has six names. I think it’s Manson Aaron Denny Nathan Ettrick Silverstein, but don’t count on my being right. Of all the things I’m sure of, his name isn’t one of them. “I think the art and graphic design students did a good job.”

       “Well, then I think we’re going to be good this Friday then,” finished Ms Stein. “Now, if you’ll excuse me I have to go photocopy more of these notices.”

       This gave us time to go over last minute things as well as casually talk about what was up with each other. Communication is one of those things important in a student-run governing body anyway.

       “Well, I can’t wait,” piped up Miles Mead, a grade nine rep. “It’s a great idea of yours, Kristen.”

       “Thanks.” Kristen Finch is another grade rep on our council, though I forget which. Grade 10 or 11 maybe? I’m not sure.

       I’ve just realized that I haven’t written a word about what our big event was going to be. See, Kristen came up with an idea to have all our teachers go up on stage and humiliate themselves in humorous ways if the students donated money to Parkinson’s disease research. It’s been an affair we’ve been working on for the last few weeks.

       “Man,” I said, “this is one thing that will ease my mind after having to work with this guy for the last week.” 1 comment

       “Who?” asked Samantha Crockett, a wonderful spirit rep who’s also my girlfriend.

       “Oh, Tom Woodfern. He’s my partner on my big English assignment.”

       “I know that guy,” countered ‘Blunder’ McFurrah. He’s one of the dance reps – I don’t know why, he’s really a blunder in that regard – and his real name is Billiam. While that sounds unusual, in his defence, his parents are scientists specializing in chemistry. To them, the entertaining idea that if he were to become a famous chemist himself, (not likely) and discovered a new element was so appealing that he’d have no trouble naming that element if his name sounded like one.
Sound ridiculous?

       Anyway, Blunder said, “he’s that guy who hangs out with my teacher. One time I walked into my classroom to get something from Mr. Mark, and he was there sitting at his desk, talking to him.”

       “Oh yeah, that would be the guy in my media class. He’s very quiet,” added Leonard Score, another grad rep.

       “I wouldn’t agree with you if he were with a teacher.”

       “Anyways,” I continued, “I have to work with him and it isn’t always easy with him given our history, so this project will be a nice way to blow off some steam.”

       “What’s he like,” asked Samantha.

       “Well, he’s not your usual guy. He used to follow me around a lot, and he’d talk like crazy. Hey, have any of you here heard of a band called ‘Madness?’”

       “No,” they all said.

       “I didn’t think so. You see, that’s all he talks about.”

       “I guess he’s just different.”

       “I’d think that was the case,” I agreed.

       “I don’t think so, he takes my bus and he sounds really weird. I actually find him kind of creepy, he’s so watchful,” suggested Rose Morrissey, the girl mentioned in my fictional story and another spirit rep.

       “That’s not a nice thing to say,” countered Kristen, who’d kept quiet throughout the conversation. “Just because he’s different doesn’t make him that. He’s probably just socially awkward.”

       “Well there, that’s some statement. How do you figure that out?”

       “Just guessed.”

       Ms Stein entered the room.

       “Alright, so, here’s the list of things we have to make sure of for the big event Friday.” She handed out photocopies.

       And that would be when our talk of my English partner officially adjourned amongst ourselves and we got down and dirty to student council planning. I won’t say anymore here because, well, it would just end up on the announcements in the morning would it?

       Samantha came home with me later that day. Walking down Hilliard Avenue towards Oakwood, where I lived, we talked about our day.

       “Man, Burgess was nuts today,” Samantha proclaimed. “I really can’t believe how freakin’ rigid the guy is. I mean, today he brought in these various balls, and when someone at the back wasn’t listening he threw one of the smaller lacrosse balls at him.” 1 comment

       “He did? What did the guy do?”

       “He snapped to attention, that’s what he did. I saw it. Burgess was talking all about functions and then he suddenly tossed the ball at Harold. It bounced off his desk and in to his face.”

       I smiled. “Did he give the ball back to the Burg?”

       “Yeah. He threw it right back at him.”

       “Yeah, well, he’s always uptight. I remember I had him when I was in grade nine, and he was always exact and quick and kind of weird, you know, he would go off and talk extremely fast about something like crazy. I think he meant to exaggerate the importance of what he meant, but he did it in a weird way.”

       “Uh huh, well, everyday is entertaining with the Burg in it. One time he started going crazy about the importance of calculators, talking super fast for about five minutes.”

       “Yeah. That’s Burgess in a nutshell.”

       Laughing, we continued up Oakwood Avenue and got to my house. Stepping into the front hall, my younger brother, Derrick, came thumping up the stairs from the basement.

       “Dan! Guess what? I just advanced through the Evolution Mode in Need for Speed! Isn’t that great!?”

       I smiled. “Alright Derrick! I knew you could do it!”

       Grinning, he returned downstairs. We headed upstairs.

       “Sorry about the mess,” I proclaimed once we entered my room. “My room naturally gets messy again whenever I clean it.”

       “Yeah, right, no contribution from you.”

       I sat down on my bed; Samantha a chair from my desk.

       “So you still manage to sleep here alright with all those siblings of yours?” she asked.

       “Pretty fine, yes. But you wouldn’t have problem sleeping here yourself now wouldn’t you? You’re like the heaviest sleeper I know.”

       She giggled. Well, she was. One time early in the morning, during winter, when I was sitting with her in the D-wing hall, she fell asleep. When the bell rang, I kept trying to wake her up, but it was almost useless. She barely woke up.  Only when I had shouted in her ear did she stir. The thought reminded me of Tom in English class earlier today, when he had this Madness album with him. There’d been a song on it called ‘Samantha’ and it alluded to the fact that the Samantha in the song was a heavy sleeper. This made me laugh.

       “Hey, I forgot to tell you something,” she said when she’d regained her composure. “That guy you mentioned earlier, Tom? He’s in my math class.”

       “Oh, he shares the Burg with you? I didn’t realize that.”

       “Yeah. He’s not the oddest person in the world, but he is quiet and usually talks to the Burg only.”

       “I wonder how the Burg takes it?”

       “Like he takes it with everyone else. I wouldn’t expect he’d be close to that teacher out of all of them.”

       “No. I don’t think even Tom would find Mr. Burgess that likable.”

       Our conversation continued, straying away from Tom (which was good) and soon we were laughing and joking again. Eventually Samantha came and sat next to me on my bed. I don’t think we need to go further than that though, really. I’m sure you get the picture. Common boyfriend-girlfriend stuff. But then, I must admit. I really do wish our relationship was more hands-on. Anyway...

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