Davide Castel Davide Castel
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3rd line. Should 'now' be new?

Jordan Hewitt Jordan Hewitt
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wow... it was a simple error however you bring up a good point. Originally it was supposed to be 'no' ... however 'new' brings in an entirely different aspect to the ending...

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Jordan Hewitt Jordan Hewitt
Recommendations: 13

Lust and Insanity

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She had a friend.

This writing contains explicit content and is only for adults. You have been warned.

This was based off of a promt a female co worker gave me... Thank you Zoe for sending me down a dark road.

      She stands at the doorway to the hotel. A bead of sweat drips down her slender neck, rolling over the bruises and scars which stain her once perfect skin. She stares forward with determination, an absolute focus this madness has left her in. Her knees begin to shake, fear starts to creep into her soul but the darkness within tosses this petty feeling aside. Her legs begin to straighten again and now she stands firm. All of those bastards will pay for what they did to her.

       Fifteen years, these monstrous beasts have held her captive, raping her daily, selling her body for their pleasure, beating her senselessly, stripping her of her innocence, injecting her with drugs, torturing her, all because she made a simple mistake of drinking with those she’d never met. She begins to think back to those years, what they did, what they told her, the things she was forced into, and water begins to form into a tear, hanging at the corner of her eye. She blinks and it begins to fall. She sniffles, wipes her tear from her cheek with the hem of her hoodie, and whispers to herself “they will pay”.

       She walks into the hotel, the run down once abandoned building where tourists used to stay with their families. Children used to run free laughing as parents situated themselves in their rooms after their days of travel. This once humble hotel of joy was transformed into a prison. The place where they now traffic women, frequently a girl is received but never let out.

       She can hear the women screaming and crying around her as she walks into the lobby.

       “Hey little lady you lost?” a large man says, standing to greet this tortured soul.

       “I’m home” she replies as she lifts her arm, an Uzi submachine gun clenched in her hand and one dainty finger pulls the trigger back. A barrage of lead flew from the end of the barrel, ripping into the chest of the beast in front of her. The first man to rape her.

       She moves to the hallway, more tears begin to form and her eyesight blurs. That darkness cannot hold them back. Now everything is simply splotches of color here and there. A dark form steps in front of her, she lets forward another storm of bullets and the figure falls to the tile floor. Life leaks out of its chest onto her shoes. She kicks the figure, no response. She steps forward, her work only beginning.

       She clears every room, dispatching of its inhabitants, the males receive no mercy in this place they’ve created. As for the girls, she tells them in a calm manner “Your free now” before dispatching of their lives. She now holds new fear, she clears the last room. And sits on the bloodstained bed. She looks at the gun in her hand. “The benefit of being bought by a drug dealer,” she thinks aloud. She lets the handle slip from her hand and the metal hunk of destruction falls to the floor with a clank and splash as it lands in the blood of her last tormentor. She reaches back into her jacket and pulls out a slim revolver. 2 comments

       “Always knew I’d die here,” she whispers as she puts the barrel into her mouth. She tightens her grasp on the cheap plastic handle. Slides back the hammer rotating the chamber, placing a cool .45 round in front of the firing pin. Click. She then pushes the trigger back, her final tear falls. Click. Bang.

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