Davide Castel Davide Castel
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Thanks Leonard. However, here is Aussie land it is spelt with an e.

Leonard a. Wronke Leonard a. Wronke
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ok...but here in America ...flue means the passageway of a chimney...where the ashes and smoke are released. if you are writing internationally, this could be confusing. I mean she is sick with ashes and smoke. see the point.

Davide Castel Davide Castel
Recommendations: 39

Yes Leonard, correct. I will change it to Flu! I wasn't sure myself so asked my writing group and they said that yes, it is spelt with an 'e'. I do see your point though. Thanks for pointing it out.

Leslie Blackwell Leslie Blackwell
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should be belle but I suppose you could get away with the Blue Fairy calling her Bell for short.

Davide Castel Davide Castel
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Thanks both. Typo. It should be Belle.

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Davide Castel Davide Castel
Recommendations: 39

The Blue Fairy

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She had a friend.

Spur of the moment rushed job of a fairy story, which we had to write for our writing class.  For the life of me. I couldn't put a decent one together, but I gave it a try.

Once upon a time there was a young shy girl called Belle, who was born with a slight impediment, for she lisped when she was nervous.  This caused many children to snicker and to cruelly imitate her lisp.  

Poor Belle, who was an only child, was often nervous for she had every cause to be, so shy, so timid and so sickly that she always had some cause to lisp.  

Her parents never seemed to be at home, so Belle went through a succession of nannies.

One sunny spring day, when Belle was seven and had been indoors for many days with the flu, her new Nanny Boo, who was kind and very patient, suggested they go for a walk in the park, which was close by.   Belle went with her reluctantly, as children never wanted to play with her.
‘I’ll sit on this bench and read, while you wonder around and see how many different types of flowers you can see. Okay?’ 4 comments

Little Belle felt happy when she saw all those beautiful coloured flowers and was drawn to the Blue ones.  She looked at their bell hanging petals and thought she heard a voice.  As she peered closer, Belle saw something move.  ‘Hello, who are you?’ she whispered.  

There before her, stood a little blue fairy on a blue bell flower.  Her wings were silver and her curly hair golden.  Her body was covered in a blue silken dress.  

‘I’m the Blue Fairy and I was sent to find you.  I heard that you have no friends, so I thought I’d like to be yours, Belle.’

‘How did you know my name? I thought fairies were pretend and only in story books.’

‘Oh, I’m very real and know more than you think,’ said the Blue Fairy. ‘I’ll be here for you each day if you want to see me.’

‘Oh yes I do.  But what can we do together? You are so small’.

‘Follow me, and you won’t regret it.  I’ll fly and you keep your eyes on me and you will see’.

So Belle followed the Blue Fairy to a secret place and was told not to say anything to anybody.  It was their secret, until she heard Nanny Boo calling her name.

Nanny Boo had been worried, for she had lost sight of little Belle, so went looking for her.  Belle came running up to her, cheeks flushed and beaming so happily.

‘Nanny Boo, Nanny Boo, I’ve found a new friend. Can we come again tomorrow?

Nanny Boo looked at her happy face, ‘Of course we will, if it is still sunny.’  She noticed that she hadn’t lisped, not one little bit.  Belle slept peacefully all night.

The next day, and the next, Nanny Boo kept her promise and Belle met up with her Blue Fairy. 3 comments

As time went by, Belle wasn’t lisping anymore and felt so very happy at last. She danced and sang and twirled and played with the Blue fairy, and gained so much confidence.

Then one day when she went to the park, she couldn’t find the Bluebell flowers, no matter how much she looked.  For that matter, she couldn’t see any flowers at all.  She kept searching frantically.

Nanny Boo saw her distress and noticed that the Bluebell bush had been dug up along with all the other flowers.

‘Don’t worry Belle.  They will be flowering again next year.’

‘But I don’t want to wait until next year.’  Then Belle remembered her last meeting with the Blue fairy.

‘I have to go away soon, for another child needs me in another part of the world, but I will still be with you always.  When you go to sleep, think of me and you will see me in your dreams.’

And now, when Belle goes to sleep, she still plays and dances with her Blue fairy.  She has made so many friends too, for she tells them that she has seen a real live fairy, who has asked Belle to help others as she has helped her.  

Now every year when spring is in full bloom, all the children feeling blue, are attracted to the Bluebell flowers and if they have beauty in their soul, they will meet the Blue Fairy, just like Belle did.  

When you are feeling blue
The Blue Fairy will appear to you
Of course you must really believe
She then comes to those in need

She helps them with their woes
How it's done, no-one knows
Yet those who see her are better off
When all those others will just scoff!

For the next few years, Belle would visit the park when the Bluebells bloomed, until one day when she reached the age of ten, The Blue Fairy failed to appear.  

She went to sleep that night and in her dreams the Blue Fairy told her, 'You are old enough to understand. Go and help others, the way I've helped you. All you need is to have Love and Hope in your heart, then everything is possible.'    

Belle grew up to be a beautiful girl, inside and out, who just happened to meet her Prince Charming ... and they lived happily ever after!


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