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Brooklynn Fox Brooklynn Fox
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The Mystical World

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      Chapter One- The Beginning
       Deep in the woods, in a world far away, there lie may creatures you never knew existed. At the mysterious sparkling waterfall, there is a beautiful den through the middle of the fall, Two Mystical wolves lie there protecting the world. Their names are Mura and Nix. Mura is a blueish gray female wolf with blood scars on her body. Nix is a black female wolf with a scar over right eyes and two earrings on her left ear. Now i'm going to tell you the story on how they started out here.
       Nix and Mura are sisters, but Mura is One year older than Nix. There mom and dad was the King and Queen of the world and all the creatures looked up to them expect for the Panther clan who did not. Of course the panthers were not normal panther as nothing is normal here, the panther got scorpion tails and large fangs. But one day the panther clan go furious with father and mother always doing good and great things, and they attacked father when we were all out for a walk. Mother managed to escape and grab Nix and Mura.
       Well mother came up on the fall and found a way in it which was the middle or side entrance. Mother finally got through into the middle of the fall and put of down and look at us and gave us a kiss. She made it out but as soon as she made it away from the entrance one of the panthers attacked her and killed her. Our father is still a mystery to us, we don't know if he is alive or dead we will never know. But we lived there our entire life saving innocent creatures and facing evil everyday.

       Mura walked in through the waterfall and dropped a bunch of food she caught. Nix was sitting with her head held high. Mura walked and sat facing Nix face to face.
       "Yes Alpha."
"Check the status for anybody in help send a howl and listen for a call back."
"Yes Alpha."
       Nix ran to the back side of the den and howled a long howl. Nix waited in silence then a call back was heard.
       "Baby leoti is in trouble Alpha!"
"Lets go."

      Mura ran out and Nix was right behind her. They ran through the mud water and jumped all the items in there way. Mura stopped dead center and Nix stopped to.
       "I found the LeoTi, Its corner in by a striplaugher or as some call them Laughing Dogs."
       "What the plan Alpha?"
"You run out get his attention while I go grab the Leoti and hide it and come back and we will finish the Striplaugher."
"Yes alpha."

       Nix jumped out of the bushes growling and landing in front of the enemy. The Striplaugher turned around and laughed and started walking up to Nix. Nix jumped side to side so it couldn't get a hold of her. Mura snuck around to were to Leoti was and picked it up by the scruff, Mura ran to the biggest bolder and laid the Leoti behind it.

       "Stay her little ti."
"yes I will yes please just help me."
"We will stay here ill be back."

       Mura ran back and walked onto of the bolder the Leoti was up against by the Striplaugher. Mura barked shaking the rocks, The striplaugher turned around quick. Mura jumped down from the bolder landing beside Nix.

       "Back down and leave or face the pain. Pick one now."
"I would rather fight because yall are just wolves."

       The striplaugher laughed but Nix suddenly lost all control and attacked the striplaugher pinning him to the ground with her large fangs in his face growling.

       "You just picked you faith go ahead Nix."

       Nix grinned and clamped around the striplaugher neck and bit down crushing every bone in his neck. Nix stood up and howled in victory and Mura smiled at her little sister growing stronger and bigger. Mura and Nix ran back to the Leoti, Mura put the Leoti on her back and nix Nix and Mura strated walking.

       "I cant believe it. it is yall the wolves that save our world and defend it with the lives. Yall are real I knew it its so cool."
"Yes we are real little one isn't that right Alpha."

       Mura smiled and nodded. Well Mura and Nix arrived at the Leoti clan and entered. All the leoti were staring in amazement some bow and knelled to Mura and Nix. Mura stopped at the Alphas Leoti were sitting, They bowed and Mura sat the baby leoti on the ground so it could go to its father and mother.

       "Its a pleasure to meet yall. It is truly a honor to meet the savers and defender of our world, Yall are welcome here anytime and we have your backs anytime for saving our child."
"Yes alphas and you are welcome the enemy was a striplaugher and we took care of him but this little leoti you got here is sure of a rare one he listens to commands and is really cool to have around maybe one day he can fight by our side."

       Nix smiled as Mura said that and so did the Leoti alphas did to all the Leoti raised noise meaning joy.

       "Well we should be on our way just call and we will be here like always."
"Yes well goodbye Mura and Nix have a good day."

       Nix and Mura left the leoti clan and went back home and ate and rest for a while.

Well Nix and Mura got done resting and eating and just went out of there den and started drinking from the waterfall. Mura ears perked up as the leaves russled. Nix turned around and started walking up slowly to the noise.

       "Stop Nix. Sniff the air see what it is first."

Nix understood and did as Mura said and sniffed the air.Nix smirked and pounced in the bushes. Nix came back out of the bushes with a antloerabbit it was full grown and its antlers were huge and on top of it the antlorabbit hade alot of meat on him.

       "Desert Mura?"
"I would love desert Nix."

They smiled at each other happy. They both walked in the den while the sun was setting. They ate and then they finally went to sleep. They dreamed happy dreams and couldnt wait to save more creatures from dangerous.

The sun was rising and the birds were just singing away. Mura got up and streched yawning, while Nix was already outside the den awake. Mura exited the den and sat beside Nix.

       "Todays is gonna be great it so pretty and fell great."
"I know i love it thats why i got up early so i can listen to see if anybody needed help."
"Cool well do you wanna go hunt or me or together?"
"Can we together?"
"Sure Nix Lets go."

Nix and Mura walked into the woods to were they normal hunt. Mura sniffed the grown but didnt get no scent. Nix was sniffing the ground and lifted her head.

       "Massive Buck ahead its a Jantelo!"
"A Jantelo them have the best taste ever Lets get on it nix."

Nix and Mura picked up the pace. Nix and Mura spotted the Jantelo.

       "Nix you get him on the other side ill bark when the punce on him got it."
"Got it."

Nix went to the other side like Mura said. Mura let out a big bark and the both lunged at the Jantelo biting into its right side and left side bringing it to the grouned.

       "Great work Nix."
"Same to you Mura."

They went back to the den and ate the Jantelo and just talked about random stuff.

The mist let up outside and the sun was shinning bright.

       "I just love today, Nix do you want to howl to see if anybody needs help?"
"I will Alpha."

Mura smiled that's my girl Mura thought in her head. Nix howled and sat down at the back of the den waiting to see if any creatures called back. The a roar called back to us. Nix turned around and look at Mura shocked.

       "Its a..."
"I Know its a jagle and this one sounds like its in big trouble."
"I know lets go Mura."

Nix and Mura ran out the back way of the den running to the cries of the jagle. Mura and Nix slid in the mud trying to stop but they were able to stop. A female Jagle has it back to the river with the waterfall leading down and infront was a cub under her and 3 Panthers. Mura looked at the panther in anger and with the image of her mother and father. Nix looked at Mura and was worried.

       "Mura calm down whats the plan?"
Mura was just watching the panthers as the closed in on the Jagle.

       "Mura come on snap out of it."
"Oh ill snap out of it right after I snap them!"

Mura lunged at the Panther closest to the Jagle.


Mura had bit into the Panther neck and brought it to the ground with all her strength Mura picked the Panther up by the neck and slung it against a rock and bit down harder with more force crushing its bones. Mura dropped the panther on the ground, Mura turned her head to the other 2 panthers they were hissing and growling at Mura. Mura mouth was open with blood dripping from her fangs and face.

       "Do you want the same to happen to you? If not stay away from here now leave or be killed!"

Mura barked and the ground shook she was anger. Nix was beside the Jagel and her cub, Nix was shocked at this side or Mura.

       "Mura calm down."
"Take the jagel and her cub to safety now." "But Mura..." "THATS A ORDER!." "yes Alpha." "Come on ill take yall to safety."

       Nix took the Jagel and her cub to there den. They entered the den and Nix fell to the ground with tears in her eyes, Nix started to cry. The cub slipped out from its mothers grip on it, it ran to Nix.

       "Nix please don't cry your are my hero both of yall are. Please don't cry it makes me sad."

Nix looked at the jagel cub and tried to smile but could only let more tears run down her face. The mother Jagel walked over to Nix and her cub and looked at nix. Nix looked at the floor letting the tears hit the ground.

       "Don't cry please."

The jagel cub started to cry and curled up under Nix. The mother Jagel let a few tears slip out but got her self together as she heard a panther cry its last cry. Mura walked in with blood all over her.

       "Nix what is wrong." "Its you Mura you 2 are my hero's yall are tough not cry baby's but I know Nix is crying because of you. Because of that new side you showed today."

Mura was shocked and felt sad.

       "Is this true Nix." "Its exactly right Mura but im okay lets get them back home."

The mother Jagel was worried but put her cub on her back and they all exited the den. They made it to there clan and walked in.

       "Thank yall so much yall are the best proctors we have and we are greatful."
"Your welcome but we have to get going its getting really late."

The mother Jagel said her goodbyes and so did the cub and Mura and Nix left.

Its was midnight a full moon and Nix and Mura was sleeping good so far. Mura woke up from a nightmare breathing hard, Mura looked around for a minute and got up and went out of the den. Mura sat beside the waterfall and started drinking some water. A tree limb was stepped on, Mura turned around quick.

       "Who goes there?"

A massive male wolf stepped out he was a gold kind of color with green eyes.

       "I am Kimba. I am looking for Mura and Nix."
"Why do you need them?" "Because I was looking to join there pack I have lost my family to the panther clan and was able to escape."  " I am Mura the Alpha Nix is inside sleeping."

Nix walked outside and saw Kimba bowing to Mura.

       "Im awake now hi Kimba I know your name because yall are LOUD."
"Sorry Nix." "Its fine kimba." "Okay Nix Kimba its late lets go back to bed."

Kimba Nix and Mura all walked inside and layed down and went to bed.

The sun was rising and the mist was leaving Mura and Kimba woke up at the same time. Nix was already at the back of the den and howled and was waiting for a call back.

       "Anything yet Nix?"  "No Alpha still dead."  "What is she doing Alpha Mura?"  "Nix is howling and waiting for a call back from any creatures in need that what she is doing kimba."  "Ohhhh okay."

It is still quiet until a little squeak sounding like a dog sound called back.

       "Its a BlackTail."  "Whats a black tail Alpha?"  "Kimba a Black tail is a red fox with a half black tail they are very sneaky and quick they have fangs that they can change the size of."  "Oh okay."  "Alpha we need to go."  "Okay lets go Nix and Kimba."

They all ran out and followed Mura. Mura jumped over logs and dodged them and so did Kimba and Nix they came up to the Black tail it was as small as a newborn. The BlackTail was coner in by ViperRatterls and they were massive snakes to.

       "Nix get the one on the left, Kimba get the one on the right ill grab the BlackTail." "Yes alpha."

They did there orders and attacked the ViperRatterls Nix took her enemy down quick but kimba was a little bit faster. Mura walked up with the little BlackTail riding on her head.

"Yes we are real because I you can see us and I can see Kimba and Nix."

They all smiled at the BlackTail as they were walking back to the Blacktail home.

       "There my home its the big hole in the tree."  "Can you call your mom and dad out here?"  "Yes I can Mura."

The Little BlackTail squeaked and 2 BlactTails ran out scanning the place and look at Kimba Mura and Nix Then at there kid.

"Yes we are really greatful but here is some herbs for your trouble but we most be moving now."  "Okay bye nice to meet you."

They all started walking back.

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