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Don Yarber Don Yarber
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The numbers racket has invaded writing.

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If you can count, you can read.

Have you noticed that the "numbers" racket has invaded writing?  My curious mind has seen this phenomenon start with a few simple articles and grow into a monster of ridiculous ideas.  It has progressed to the point of being aggravating.  Maybe someone should tell these writers that they are abusing what was once an eye catching idea.
I'll give you a few just to whet  your appetite as they were supposed to whet the appetite of readers everywhere:

Do these SEVEN things and you'll get Alzheimer's.
Now isn't that nice?  Who the hell wants Alzheimer's?

FOURTEEN famous couples time forgot.  Wanna bet there are more than 14?

TEN reasons not to fix computers free.  Are the ten reasons not to fix computers FREE or is this writer trying to tell us not to fix computers without charging?

FIVE things to know from Seahawks win over Texas.  I can only think of one:  THE SCORE !

FIVE foods never to eat.  That brings an instant picture to my mind, 1. Snails 2. Chicken gizzards 3. Okra. 4. Oysters. 5. Broccoli.

FIFTEEN Beliefs and habits of highly effective and happy people.  How subjective can you get?  Happiness is different things to different people.  I would be happy with 100,000 book sales per year.  My grandson is happy when his football team wins.  And who are the judges of these "highly effective" people?

TEN foods you should avoid.  Show that list to starving  little children in Africa.

The point here is that this numbers racket is overused, the articles are poorly written, and the result is a bellyful of nothing.

I'll add one more to the list.
ONE reason not to read an article that starts with a number.  Go back to the sentence after 10 foods you should avoid.

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