Leslie Blackwell Leslie Blackwell
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She could tell he wasn't normal.

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Brooklynn Fox Brooklynn Fox
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The New Killer 2nd Creepy Pasta:)

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She had a friend.

      "Someone please help me."

       A rather short teenage girl with light blue eyes was tied up on the floor. Her eyes had lost their sparkling luster ; they were clouded over, a manifestation of the fear omnipresent in the room."

       "Will you shut up already! no one can hear you. Damn!" 1 comment

       The girl shut up quick and tears started running down her face. A man walked out looking down at ground and not at her. She could tell he wasn't normal. 1 comment

       "Do you know who I am, little girl?"               "Umm, no.." she replied, petrified.

       The man sighed while laughing after the sigh, The girl eyes were filled with fear as he started laughing.

       "I am the one to be feared, I have two names they are One Eye Jack and Eyeless Jack. Do you know who I am now Heather?" 2 comments

       Heather eyes got big and her body started shaking.

       "How do you know my name?"         "Ive been watching you your whole life."  "What?!?" 1 comment

       Jack Smiled, but she just stood stock-still, rooted to the spot. Jack picked heather up and opened the door to see nothing but woods.

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