Leslie Blackwell Leslie Blackwell
Recommendations: 21

"my future rat and I" "my Mom will break the good news: "We're getting a pet rat!"" "so we will go down to the..." "not Petsmart" "time I got" "second week that I had her." Suggestion: would be good to include a quick note or explanation to why you would pick a female rat instead of a male rat

Leslie Blackwell Leslie Blackwell
Recommendations: 21

Try to remember to use the uppercase with "i" "i=I" ; SO CUTE-"OH! SO CUTE!" "Crunchy (proper name)" "They make a crunching noise"

Leslie Blackwell Leslie Blackwell
Recommendations: 21

"mom -Mom" ; "i swear - I swear"; "childs -child's"

Don Yarber Don Yarber
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Please read my comment on your profile page.

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Rainbow Puke Rainbow Puke
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If I Had A Pet Rat

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She had a friend.

                  This is a story on what I would do if i got a pet rat.

       Here is how its all going to go down with me and my future rat. First i'm going to come home from school and my mom will break the good news to me. "We're getting a pet rat!" I would say "REALLY?! NO JOKE?!" So we would go down to "Pet And Hobby",not petsmart because the last time i got a rat there she died the second week I had her. 1 comment

       So I would pick out a girl rat and she would be at the youngest age you can have a rat so i could have a long time. she would have huge pupils like most rats, and blue eyes. Kind of like the second rat i had. She would have brown fur, one white foot, and pink little paws. SO CUTE!! I would probably name her crunchy because whenever rats walk around, it makes a crunching noise. I'm usually bad at coming up with names. Don't hate... 1 comment

       I probably wouldn't share her with my big brother, Alex, or my Dad, Chris. But most definitely my mom! No questions asked! The last two times I had a rat, I slacked off and never helped clean the cage or feed them. But this time i swear on my future childs life, I will be THE BEST RAT MAMA EVER!!!!
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                                        Authors Note
       I did have two rats that lasted more tan a week, names were Marshmallow and Peanut.                                                                                  They were the most cutest things in the world, I hope you too discover the plesure of rats =) ... 1 comment

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