Leslie Blackwell Leslie Blackwell
Recommendations: 21

great start. Like the descriptions.

Leslie Blackwell Leslie Blackwell
Recommendations: 21

"Lay" would read better than "laid."

Leslie Blackwell Leslie Blackwell
Recommendations: 21

maybe "pleased" instead of "happy"

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Brooklynn Fox Brooklynn Fox
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Winter Pack

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She had a friend.

      Deep in the northern woods of Alaska there lies a pack of wolves. The Alpha female is a grey wolf with light brown eyes, her name is Bazzle. The Alpha male is a massive black wolf with green eyes, his name is Dallas. Rida is the alphas only pup, she is a light grey wolf with black socks like marking covering her front paws, Rida eyes are blue with electric green around the pupil. Cher is a medium sized female wolf who is dark grey with brown eyes and is the leader of the warriors in Bazzle and Dallas pack. 1 comment

       "Mommy were are you? Help me!"       "Rida follow your momma's voice!"

       Rida limped out of the woods covered in snow her right back leg was lifted up and covered in blood. Rida managed to limp the rest of the way to her mother legs, Rida collapsed and fell to the grown.

       "Daughter....... Rida wake up baby."       "Mommy there's a hunter....... the hunter threw something and hit my back leg it hurts to bad to move it."       "Just relax baby ill get you to our healer."       "Are you talking about Brandt?"       "Yes it the brown male wolf with green eyes." 1 comment

       Bazzle pick Rida up by the scruff easily and got back to the camp. Cher was in the middle of training the new wolf to be a warrior then she saw Bazzle come in kinda quick while carrying Rida by the scruff.

       "ALPHA what happened to my best little pup?"              "Cher ill tell you later don't get upset."              "You know I will kill whatever and whoever did this!"        "Calm down Cher!"              "Yes Alpha."
       Bazzle walked up to Brandt and lay Rida down on the grown in front of him easily. Brandt picked Rida up easily and took her into his the healing den. A few hours later Rida came out with her leg fixed up with herbs and something tied around her leg. 1 comment

       "Thank you Brandt."       "Your welcome Alpha Bazzle."

       Rida was pleased her leg was better and not in pain anymore. Bazzle smiled at Rida, Dallas walked up and licked Rida and smiled. 1 comment

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