Leslie Blackwell Leslie Blackwell
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I thought something like "many times" would be preferable to "alot"

Leslie Blackwell Leslie Blackwell
Recommendations: 21

One (that) I should not ignore?

Leslie Blackwell Leslie Blackwell
Recommendations: 21

"An" eagle or "And an eagle"

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Davide Castel Davide Castel
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The Travelling Daydream

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soul mates

Another re-write, for I have not been in a creative mode for a while.  Hope you still enjoy,!

I sit and sigh, in the car I’m in
The trees, they flash me by
I see the clouds, above my head
So vivid in the sky

I am a passenger of just four
And in the back, I sit
There’s not much else, I can do
But ponder more, or knit?

This journey I’ve done alot, before
Well, over the years, that’s true
And each and every trip, so far
I ponder what I should do 1 comment

I look out of my window, right
The clouds are there, once more
I think there is a message to see
One that I should not ignore 1 comment

I see the shape of two free birds
An eagle and a dove of peace
So unalike in temperament
Amazing, what the clouds release 1 comment

In the clouds I see, two dogs
An Alsatian and a collie
In friendly conversation mode
It made me feel quite jolly

Then a dolphin comes swimming by
With an unborn babe, no less
Wishful thinking for me, perhaps
Yes, it does help relieve my stress

My past comes up, now and again
I try not to be too sad
Because idle time, does that to you
Yet I’m so lucky, I’m now glad

I sit and ponder, as before
The miles, they pass me by
The clouds have gone, the sky is blue
My thoughts, they multiply

I could be a pest, I’d pass that test
Or close my eyes, and doze of course
Or wriggle and jiggle, now what’s best?
I don’t want grounds, for remorse.

I’ve been to hell and back
So many times before
The bad times were the hardest
But of good times, there were more. 1 comment

When I think of the sad times
I tend to always mope
But those times are now behind me
So I always live with hope.

The journey is finally over
Five hours, went so fast
Thanks to those clouds, I know
We have arrived, at last...

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