Daniel Bird Daniel Bird
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" - Tonight there was no rain, no friend, no dream to take her away. - " I like this sentence. It chimes with a certain dark vibe that somehow captures the element of the story, the feelings that carry with your character, allowing for the reader to become naturally immersed in her life. Good stuff.

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Desi Mosier Desi Mosier
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Chapter one

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I dont have a title for it yet

      The rain, that's what she needed. It was the only thing that truly calmed her down anymore. However tonight there was no solace. There was not a single cloud in the sky tonight. just the moon that shone brightly, illuminating the grass around her and the tears streaming down her face.

       Her bangs cast a shadow over her face, shrouding her eyes in darkness. Hiding the only thing that told the truth to the world. She could smile, she could laugh, she could pretend that everything was fine, but if you looked into her eyes you could see the truth. She was broken, defeated.

       She walked into the house, climbed the stairs, walked to her room and sat down in her bed. She rubbed her eyes and clutched the bracelet around her wrist. She began to sob and she unclasped the bracelet and threw it across the room screaming angrily. Then she leaned back, curled into a ball and began to hyperventilate and shake violently. She'd had panic attacks before so she wasn't surprised and even if she had been, it wouldn't have mattered all she could focus on was the tightening pain in her chest.

       Tonight there was no rain, no friend, no dream to take her away. The only ally she had tonight was the darkness. The darkness is the realm between awake and asleep. The place where you just drift into the black abyss until the morning light creeps through your window and pulls you back. 1 comment

       The darkness was her favorite get away. She could close her eyes and be there in no time. In the darkness she could just exist, she had no memories no sad thoughts that depressed her like they normally do, It was her sanctuary. Normally she was scared of pure darkness. It wasn't so much the dark that she feared it was the things that lurk in the dark that frightened her. It also made her feel claustrophobic, but when she felt like this the dark was her friend.

       It closed in and held her close when others wouldn't, it made her forget when others couldn't. Every night the darkness asked her to stay with it, let it hold her, and take care of her forever. Every morning when the sun would extend a hand to her and ask her to come she would take his hand and leave the darkness. Then before she was full engulfed in light she would ask the darkness to wait for her. The before she would drift into the darkness she would turn to the sun and ask him to wait, for she would always return to him. This she promised.

       However tonight she promised no such thing. As she bid the sun farewell she wondered what she would say to the darkness when it asked her to stay. Would she turn him down and only indulge in his comfort for a little while or would she say yes and stay wrapped in his arms forever?

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