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Davide Castel Davide Castel
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soul mates

Q)   What is stronger than LOVE and HATE?                                                                                   A)   INDIFFERENCE!

I really do know, just what I must and want to say
Yet others may interpret this, in quite a different way
My thoughts are quite purist, yet sometimes misunderstood
Those who understand know, it’s all for one's own good

For HATE was not born with someone’s name
Nor was this life, another sickening, Universal game
To live with one-self, you need to live with inner peace
Without illness of mind, your cleansed soul, cannot resist.

So many emotions, must be dealt with, we know, so before
You reach a sound level; you must dig through to that core
To improve knowledge and truth, you then discover Hell’s Bat
Where you’ll find imperfection, yes, you were born with that!

When you have found it, I hope you will truly understand
That without being imperfect, you’ll fall into quicksand
Your understanding will be limited, whether educated or not
Your biased imperfections, will succeed in your rot!

But fear not if you but try, to improve and then assess
For all biased persons, will not pass that Universal test
Now this is no rant, just some hard facts from above
What you need in your heart, is to forgive and to LOVE!

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