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Clare Martin Clare Martin
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A Frozen Cage.

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soul mates

I only had twenty minutes to write this and plan to add to it later or create a longer version in time.

There was nobody behind those bright blue eyes,
No soul behind that paling skin.
There was an accurate beating heart
But nothing and nobody stood within.

There was nobody as far as we could see,
Those eyes were blank and as good as dead.
There was no way we could estimate
What went on in that lolling head.

There was nothing but memories inside that head
Memories of times lost millennia ago.
Nothing to bring a smile to that pale face,
Nothing to ease the insanity flow.

Memories revealed a cursed blade
Not answering to its wielder's call.
Yet when in the hands of a wretched fiend
A cursed death all would befall.

Memories revealed a frozen cage
A guard who stood twenty feet tall.
A prisoner shivering in thin rags
Begging her dear Gods to heed her call.

Her mouth said nothing, nor did her eyes.
Her immortality was wearing thin.
There was nobody behind those bright blue eyes,
No soul behind that paling skin.

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