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to "a" basketball ground "and explained ... "saw the match" - probably better worded as the children "watched the match" a match "between" red and blue... (in my own opinion- (alternative)) We could see that red team were making a greater team effort than the blue House, whom were playing a rough game and losing. My Sir did not like this because they were breaking the rules and it is important to win without hurting other people.

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Rohith Ayinkalath Rohith Ayinkalath
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Once  my pt sir took us to basketball  ground explan how to play basketball
After he took us to see a basketball the children saw the match carefully it was a match red team and the blue team
The red house were efficent and were making a greater team effort .  Blue house playing rough one they realized
That they were losing . My sir did not not like it and my sir told there some rule
We should always always obeys the rules
We should not hurt
Play is important winning 1 comment

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