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Don Yarber Don Yarber
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The Second poem "I Used To" on getting old.

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soul mates

Can you relate??

I used to chase a tennis ball and swing a wicked racquet,
Now I can't chase anything, my bones make too much racket.
I used to shower every day to wash away the stinks
Now I shower every day to ease away the kinks..
I was pretty cautious then about my body odor
Now I'm more concerned about simply getting older.
I used to want to spend my cash and live in worldly squalor,
Now it nearly drives me mad to spend a single dollar.
And if I ever have to spend much more than just a dollar,
Folks in the next town down the road are apt to hear me holler.
The list of things I used to do is growing very long..
Now most everything I do, My doctor says is wrong.
All my youth filled days are gone, so hastily I spent
Now all of my get up and go has just got up and went.
Did someone come along and wipe those young days from my slate?
If these are the golden years, then gold can't be that great.

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