Leslie Blackwell Leslie Blackwell
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Perhaps consider amending the line "I will pray to God, Goddess, whoever is listening" to "I will pray to God, a Goddess or to whoever is willing to listen/hear me"

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Carrie Van horn Carrie Van horn
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Christmas Present

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soul mates

You asked me what I wanted for Christmas
You didn’t believe me when I said just you
Well now it’s over and I wish I could ask you for a present
Because I would still ask for you
I would ask for you back in my arms
I would ask for your lips to be on mine
For your mind to be preoccupied by me
Just to be able to say you are still my dork
But it’s not possible
It isn’t right of me to ask you now
So instead, I will write to Santa
I will pray to God, Goddess, whoever is listening
That I just want you
Not books or money or clothes
I want you, back in my arms
Back in my life and back in my heart
If that isn’t possible
Then what I ask for instead is two little things
Your safety
And your happiness 1 comment

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