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Davide Castel Davide Castel
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Bathing Boxes

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soul mates

This is something I wrote a while back regarding the sale of a Bathing Box to see what price it would fetch.

I look upon those Bathing Boxes - in Brighton, I do believe
All standing straight and sturdy – symmetrically, by the sea
I cast my eyes from left to right – what was I, to achieve?
Their colours shining brightly - some hiding, behind a tree

I came to glimpse these boxes - so talked about, this day
With all the hype in the papers - I came early, to see myself
What price would this box fetch? – Just curiosity, I can now say
What? for a bathing box in Brighton – the cost, of a small house?

I see a moving object – creeping in and around the place
What is his motive pray then? -  Is he, the auctioneer?
He is not dressed in black – Yet he holds a key, I see his face
I position myself comfortably – then for the record, snap a souvenir

The crowds come thick and fast now – so I write, ferociously
My page is filling quickly – describing people and the surrounds
The bidding starts then falls again – and finishes, hideously
A sale has been completed – for some it seems, cash sees no bounds.

Why spend such money - with the economy, the way that it is?
I fail to see its value then - as I journal, this present event
‘Tis the journalist in me of course – and I’m doing this, for me
For $200 thousand dollars - I’d rather own a house, I think?

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