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Clare Martin Clare Martin
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No Love Like Yours.

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soul mates

A short poem dedicated to my mother.

There's little I can remember about my childhood but pain.
Rage, anger, frustration, and me, powerless in my home to stop it.
But I remember the light you offered me, the stories you told me,
How I was always yours, how I only wrapped my fingers round your thumb.
How I gripped it with such might, no intention of letting you leave me.
I was your girl, not Daddy's. I never rested in his arms, but I did in yours.

I smile at you now, smile at your amazing beauty, and thank God
That I inherited you; your wavy hair, your hazel eyes, your smile,
Your baby cheeks and your large yet lovely stature. My hair was brown,
But streaked with red, and now it's black, but still curled like yours.
I wouldn't cope if I had Dad's eyes, but I rarely see him smile like you.
I can't remember the last time he smiled at me, whereas you smiled today.

Now we're free like angels. We don't lie awake in fear of an outburst,
A drunken beating. We prayed to our Lord and he saved us from our jail,
And now we sleep peacefully at night. Your dark circles are fading now,
And you're even more beautiful than you were before. I can promise you,
Mother, that I love nobody as much as I love you. You are my heroine,
My Queen, my saved me in every way, and I thank you for it.

You'll always have a special place in my heart.

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