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Jessica Benton Jessica Benton
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The Perfect Day

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She had a friend.

The sounds of water lapping at the base of the 13 foot cliff, the clanking of the tin boat on the rocks at the back of the island, the sound of loons looking for a mate surrounded the young couple. It was her birthday, and to surprise her, Dean woke her up early and took her to the jumping island. Rock Island. It was noon and they had already been there for hours. They watched the sun rise over the mountain, and had a picnic breakfast. Earlier, they had swum from Rock Island to sunken island and back. Now as Dean and Kilee finished their lunch, they lit the little cake, and she blew out her candles. After cleaning up and putting everything but their towels back into the tin boat. They jumped off the island into the cold water. Jumped a few more times then decided to head back to the cabin to get their camping gear. A few hours later, they lay on the top of Castle Rock. As the sun faded behind the trees in a flurry of magnificent blues and yellows, Kilee heard Dean whisper in her ear. “Happy Birthday my love.”

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