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Davide Castel Davide Castel
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Down Under

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soul mates

Something I partly jotted down on the train to the city, the other day,  to celebrate our National Australia Day on the 26th January.  Added a bit more today.

This is my life Down Under
Heat waves rules, for it's our Summer
To the movies we need to go
To keep cool, you now must know
So that's my life Down Under.

I live in this lucky Country
Celebrated Australia Day yesterday
A land where we are free to roam
And a place that I now call my home
That's why it's a lucky country.

We came from lands afar
To enjoy a better living
Where work was in abundance
Rewarded with no redundance
That's life from lands afar.

We came as total strangers
To this vast and barren land
We brought with us our culture
For that was in our nature
Now we are no more strangers.

Yes, our weather could be better
Let us not complain too much
We still get four seasons in a day
Yet I wouldn't have it any other way
No, I love our weather better.

When it's cold it's never too much
It's quite pleasant in our Winter
Sure there's no snow, fortunately
But in the mountains, we drive to ski
So there's snow but never too much.

I've rambled on about our Country
Our ancestors scattered around the globe
We visit them whenever we can
That's about it for me and my man
To ramble on about our lucky Country.

Come visit Australia, any time!

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