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Chris Costanza Chris Costanza
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The Mirror

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soul mates

Everyone has hopes.
We all have a dream.
Each of us has that someone
Whom we wish to be.
But what happens when we look in the mirror
And hate what we see?

Some turn to ropes,
Many avoid their own reflected gleam,
But most forsake that someone
Whom they hoped to someday be.
All the while, the evil in the mirror
Grows in spiteful glee.

Not many can cope
With their reflections. Only few seem
To amount to be anyone
That a young hopeful would wish to be.
In truth, the longer we gaze in the mirror,
The harder it is to break free.

So who among us has hopes
Of fulfilling our sacred dreams?
It's time to become that someone
That makes them say "I wish to be".
It's quite simple to break free of the Mirror:
Smash it to hell. Then I promise you'll see.

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