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Jordan Hewitt Jordan Hewitt
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No Words

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She had a friend.

He simply sits there, back hunched over, hands folded together, thoughts race through his mind. His head is down, eyes staring at his thumbs as they twist and turn around together. It’s hard for him to look at her. Finally he looks up at her, her face full of glee, a helpful heart waiting for him to deliver some sort of thoughts, facts anything for her to soak in. She waits impatiently, her fingers tapping, her head slightly tilted to the side, eyes brighter than the sun staring at his, waiting.

He can’t stall any longer so he takes a deep breath. Outward he releases terrible information to this girl. A memory of hers long forgotten now retold to her once again. The proof in a story she wrote, one that was lengthy, graphic, and detailed. One that she had given him before she lost her memories. She reads, in disbelief she denies something so horrid had ever happened to her. Then, as quickly as she denied it, she now accepts this truth.

He now watches as she begins to shut down. Her eyes shift to a dull, blank stare. She curls her arms around her knees and hugs them close. Her body begins to shake and she recedes back into her curtain of hair. Small short sobs emit from her trembling lips. Shes fighting back tears as she screams silently. How could she forget? Why doesn’t she remember? Questions swell up her mind and pain begins to shoot down her forehead. A migraine sets in as her damaged brain stresses over the pain of trying to remember such a traumatic event.

He sits next to her and reaches to put his arm around her. “Don’t hug me” she quietly whispers.
“Its not a hug” he replies and wraps his arm around her. She fights this at first, she just wants to be alone. To cower by herself and feel useless. She thinks she has no purpose. Shes always fighting this depression but at this moment of confusion and pain she can and she continues to shutter. He wishes that he could save her from this but all he can do is simply sit there.

“Why?” she finally spits out after what seemed to be hours of silence.
“Why what?” he pondered.
“Why didn’t I know he would do that?”
“All that I know is simply what you had written”
“Look I’m sorry I don’t know.”
“It’s ok, I don’t know either”

That was it. All that was said after that. They sat together in silence, brother and sister. They had gained some sort of sibling connection over the last year. They aren’t related but they feel as if they were of the same blood. There was so much to say. But nothing came out. They were simply there together, connected by silence. Simply there was nothing that could be said without an unknowing possibility of making things worse. So he sat there with no words.

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