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Davide Castel Davide Castel
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soul mates

I look upon life as a flame. Do with your flame as you will.

Born from positive energy, oxygen brings life
The flicker is now flickering, that’s so nice
It begins to grow, quite slowly at first
The flicker is now flaming and ready to burst.

The energy it gathers, along its path way
Makes the flame stronger, with each passing day
How long will the flame last, in the right position?
As long as you let it, depending on its condition.

The life of a candle, has its ultimate limit
Whether large or thin, its time is approximate
A long life or a short one, if the energy keeps flowing
The flame will keep lasting, to those, all knowing.

It glows and it energises, the flame can be strong
Ambitions, conditions and limitations can prolong
Then something happens the flame begins to waver
Where is that sparkle, where is that life saver?

For to survive we must have energy, plus oxygen too
Just like the flame, we should know what to do
The flicker of anxiety can make the flame splutter
With energy gone, the sparkle lies the gutter!

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