Davide Castel Davide Castel
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Do you need to bold this first paragraph too in line with the rest? Is there a reason why the first paragraph is different?

Sara Smith Sara Smith
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thanks, i changed it to bold. i think it happened when i put the poem on. There was no reason for it.

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Sara Smith Sara Smith
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End of the road

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soul mates

I suffer with a chronic illness that makes me feel a deep tiredness all the time and alongside a lot of pain this poem shows how i have felt on occasion.

If I pray out loud enough
Does He hear me?
Does He even care?
Does He even realise that I'm there?

I'm tired and so lonely, at the end of my road
and had enough of my heavy load.
My heart is heavy and my body is sore
I don't think that I can take any more.

I pray one last time
I'm begging to go
I just want to feel peace
I just need to know.

I've had enough of all this pain
so much anguish
so little gain.

Give me strength please Oh God
I can't take much more
Help me be a strong follower for evermore.

Help me stay true to your word
when I'm feeling so weak
when I have no one around for so many weeks

When I'm tired and ill and have no relief
Please Lord give me the strength
to carry through
to live my life in praise of you.

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