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Davide Castel Davide Castel
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She had a friend.

In our writing class we were asked to write about a celebration over our festive season, so  I decided to write about a sign which made an impression to me.

Christmas 2013 was drawing nearer.  

Extra spare time for preparations was a bonus and each day the letterbox seemed to fill to maximum capacity with advertising material.  It was too late for any more shopping, so after a quick scan of all leaflets, into the recycle bin they all went.

I’d had enough of Christmas specials and suggestions of what to buy your loved ones, so it was the last straw, when the very next day, I again found a larger than usual rolled up pack of advertising material. This time, there was no time for scanning, so out into the recycle bin they went too.  

The next day, I noticed a leaflet had fallen from that unwanted pack.  It was from a Travel Agency, advertising a hugely discounted 26 day cruise to the Mediterranean.  Now my other half and I had been thinking of doing one such cruise, but we had planned one in 2015, which would also include a tour of France.  However, this particular cruise did not go there, but it was on two ships, which sailed from Venice, visiting Italy, Greece, Istanbul, Romania, Croatia and Odessa in the Black Sea etc. etc.

My imagination had me already on that cruise, so for the rest of the day, I dreamed.  It was a sign, I thought, for I had been shown many a sign in the past, signs that have come to fruition.  

When my other half returned home, I showed him the brochure and with a quick look he said,
‘Yes, it’s a great deal, but I still want to include France.‘
So with that, he threw the leaflet in our kitchen recycle bag.  End of story, or so I thought!

Christmas came and went.  It was filled with happy family gatherings and food.  Yes, it was a memorable Christmas Celebration, Festive Season and the Welcoming in of 2014, watching all those fireworks in Melbourne and Sydney.  

As I am a Capricornian, my birthday soon arrived and so did my surprise. My husband had actually booked that cruise.

He’d had a re-think and retrieved the leaflet from the recycle bag, had a good read, went to visit the Travel Agent and put a deposit for the cruise, on the spot.  It was an offer too good to refuse, he told me. There was one catch though, the departure is on April 19, which he hadn’t realised was on Easter Saturday, which was a little unfortunate.

However, I still saw this as a sign, for that is what my life’s about.  

To climb those challenging mountains
One must follow a designated course
So as to achieve all those ambitions
The cart should follow the horse

To create your own path’s destiny
Life becomes much more interesting
A sign is there for some good reason
But it’s up to you to do the harvesting.

I am Capricorn the goat, so I climb
My mountains are either small or steep
I create what I think is good for me
And I always enjoy a good night’s sleep!

So don’t be afraid of an elusive challenge,
If you never try, you’ll just never know
Be brave, be alive and take what’s on offer
To live with oneself you must give it a go!

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