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Sara Smith Sara Smith
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Why do I bother talking to you?

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soul mates

Why do I bother talking to you?
You don’t listen; you don’t want to hear me
You don’t care what I have to say
Do you?

My heart is full to bursting
So much I need to say
So many exciting plans, about to happen
But you don’t want to listen
Do you?

Some days it feels like the people I want to hear
The ones who want to hear
Try too hard to understand
And get confused by my words
But I don’t want you to be confused
Just excited

The truth is….
I love you far too much to stop
I will try and try and try
To get you to hear and understand
I will never give up on you

I love you
I am your Father
And I will always be there with you
Speaking and listening
And waiting

I would wait forever for you,
You are my child
As much as I would love to drag you to me
It means more to see you running toward me
Of your own free will

Just as an apology means more if it is given willingly,
Than if it is forced
I will never stop speaking to you
And I won’t stop loving you

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