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Davide Castel Davide Castel
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She had a friend.

This was written as a class exercise which started as a programmed first sentence, then we were asked to continue on..

The moment I heard the old raven’s mournful cry, I knew my day was going to be a challenge. Ravens foretell bad omens and then, I remembered my dream...

Morning finally arrived after those never-ending dreams where ravens greeted me silently at every turn.  As I looked out of our back window, I had noticed three of them sitting on our barbeque. Three?  I thought, Just my luck. Three is supposed to be my lucky number in numerology.  I looked out again and there  were another three perched silently on our palm tree.  I ventured outside and as I watched, I saw another three flying onto our television antennae.

I quickly went inside, shut the door and took another look. They seem to have invaded my back garden in droves.

I wondered what would happen, as I was reminded of Hitchcock’s ‘The Birds’ where they even flew down the chimney. Fortunately we don’t have a fireplace, but then again, we do have a chimney above our stove, where I hear chirping and crowing of curious birds as I cook our lunch and dinners.  I’ve often thought that if one fell through, I would cook it!

In my dream I knew it to be one, as I am a lucid dreamer which at times has proved prophetic, for ravens are not that plentiful in this part of town.

So when I finally awoke to the sound of a raven’s mournful cry, I knew it was a bad omen.

I looked out into the sky where dark clouds loomed, but didn’t see or hear that raven again. Instead three white birds flew in a row, filling me with a feeling of, 'There’s still hope.’

Yet, I still went through the day with a heavy heart, disturbed by my vivid dream.  

Within the next three weeks, three people that I loved had died.  All were unexpected, although it was on the cards, that at 101 years of age, an old family friend whom I knew from childhood and had last seen on her birthday some months previously, could not last forever,and then my dear old 91 year old aunt,  but the death of the father of three young children who was only 41, was really quite tragic.

So where was that hope that those three white birds represented? I looked forward to something good happening, surely?  My life is such, that for every bad experience I suffer, there is usually an equally rewarding surprise which makes up for my heartache.

That was until I heard the good news that I was never expecting! It was as if I had wished it to happen and the Universe heard my desperate plea and answered me.

My daughter, who thought she was childless, was expecting triplets!                    
                     *  *  *

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